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Wool Cover *NEW Style*

The newest addition to our range, this 100% Australian Made product is supporting local Australian manufacturing and our amazing wool industry. 

Using 100% Superfine Merino Wool from NSW, these wool covers are softer and finer making the perfect wool cover for nights. Why are wool covers so amazing for night? 

  • Wool can hold 3-4 times it weight in liquid without feeling wet so it absorbs any excess moisture from the nappy
  • Wool is more breathable than PUL Covers, so keeps your baby fresh all night 
  • Our ribbed waist & leg openings have extra stretch

They are a similar pull-up style & shape to our original Wool Covers however they have a finer, stronger fabric weave so are slightly less stretchy. 

** Please ensure you check the fit of your Wool Covers over your chosen Night Nappy BEFORE you wash/lanolise them. No exchange or returns after they have been washed/lanolised. The large sizing is slightly smaller than the original size wool cover. 

* Please note: You will need to wash & lanolise your new wool covers prior to using them as they are not lanolised when you receive them. Tips on wool care, read this great article http://www.babybeehinds.com.au/blog/index.php/night-nappies-its-not-that-scary 
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