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What our happy customers have to say……

“We use the AIO’s and the Bamboo Fitteds as my 3 month old girl got terrible nappy rash from even wearing 1 disposable. Baby Beehinds have been our savior!! Honestly couldn’t live without you! We use them 24/7 and even when we go out. It’s no hassle and they are super easy to use and care for. Thanks so much for your wonderful product. I am addicted to them and keep coming back to buy more! Thanks!” Fiona

“Just thought I’d send a quick message to say I’m really enjoying my Baby BeeHinds. Oscar has been in his Baby BeeHinds full-time since 2 weeks old. The colours are beautiful, and unlike other fitted cloth nappies I’ve seen, they keep their colour very well. My only issue is I wish they dried faster!” Alice


“I originally purchased 5 Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted Nappies, and 6 Magicalls as I wasn’t sure that cloth nappies were for me. After using disposables at the hospital and for the first week at home, I finally decided to give the cloth nappies a go. As all first time parents probably feel I was a bit apprehensive to change from what I’m familiar with to a new system at a time when I was still learning about my baby. I started using the Magicalls with velcro as they are most like the disposables and actually found them to be easier than the disposables as there was no folding down to ensure the cord was out of the nappy and they fit so well. As I only had a few magic-alls I was still using disposables in between washes. I definitely had that sinking feeling when I had to use a disposable!. I found the bamboo nappies slightly bulky on my bubba until he was about 4 weeks old. He was a small baby, under 3kg, so once he put a bit of weight on the bamboo started fitting well. Shortly after starting with the bamboo I bought more so I had enough for a full time system. I also have two wool covers and two PUL covers. I use the PUL for daytime changes and when my baby started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks I simply used the long booster and the wool cover overnight which works brilliantly. My baby is breastfed and even with the runny poos I have never had a leak. I love my Baby Beehinds nappies!” Meaghan


“Dear Baby BeeHinds, I have recently purchased some of your Magicall All-In-Ones. I just wanted to let you know how much I love them. After using a cloth nappy service for my first child three years ago, I can no longer find a nappy wash and delivery service in Perth. This is how I found your product on the internet. After three weeks of using disposable nappies (that make marks on my daughter Lillian’s legs and tummy), she now has comfortable, soft, absolutely adorable nappies. Not to mention, a much less smelly laundry bin! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Nicole


“I absolutely adore my Baby Beehinds! I have used them on my daughter from about four months old and they are still fitting her well at 20 months. They are a fantastic, economical, environmentally friendly, absorbent and easy to use cloth nappy system. The ladies at Baby Beehinds have always been extremely helpful and provide fantastic customer service. If I find anyone interested in using cloth I always refer them to Baby Beehinds with confidence!” Lisa