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I often get asked the question from customers ‘why did you start using cloth nappies?’. Truth be told, it was an accident that I stumbled across MCNs. I was actually trying to find an alternative to the ‘supermarket’ brands of wet wipes after constant nappy rash & contact dermatitis from using them, when I stumbled across a MCN website in my search for a natural wet wipes.

Very quickly I realised how wrong my perception of cloth nappies was. I honestly thought cloth nappies were still the old school terry squares (which are still a great option for some people!) put together with a big safety pin, they needed bleaching & washing, and plastic pants. Way too much hard work I thought. Not one of my doctors, specialists, obstetricians, midwives had offered information on cloth nappies and actually how easy they are. Nowhere or no-one in my first pregnancy had mentioned how cloth nappies had changed, and that there was easy alternative options to disposables.

I must admit it was very overwhelming at the start of my cloth nappy journey to figure out what was what, what was the best, were the expensive ones better than the cheap ones, how do you wash them, which brand to buy? At the end of the day, I jumped in and purchased a trial pack with one of each style of cloth nappy to see what I liked and if I could ‘do’ this cloth nappy thing.

Baby BeeHinds was one of the first brands I purchased (amongst others I tried), but it was the brand of nappies I kept coming back to every day. I guess thats why I bought the business! We would love to see cloth nappy information in your ‘Bounty Bags’ during pregnancy, and we would love to see your doctors, specialists, midwives mentioning MCNs as alternatives to disposables. Unfortunately one particular brand has the Bounty Bags tied up forever in the nappy & wipes department, with a watertight deal that means modern cloth nappy information won’t even get a look in! So we continue to look for new ways to reach & educate parents about MCNs.

So as we keep looking for ways to educate, inform & guide new parents into the world of modern cloth nappies, we are very grateful for our BBH community who help spread the word across this country. So thank YOU. We are grateful for our team of consultants who happily meet parents to show them how the nappies work, offer guidance & help them choose the best style for their needs. We are grateful for our stockists & consultants who get up early to hold a market stall or local expo to spread the word. We are grateful for our stockists across the world (yes the world!) who love our products as much as we do and support the MCN cause. We are grateful for the Australian Nappy Association and their dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to promote & educate parents about MCNs. We are grateful for every parent who has tried MCNs and committed to the best to your bub.

Times are changing. Parents are becoming more educated on what they are putting on their babies bums. We have BBH families from far & wide & all walks of life. We have rural mums, we have parents of special needs kids, we have high flying corporate mums, we have high profile mums, we have grandparents buying for their grand kids, we have mums in Canada, Norway, Sweden, US, Singapore, Hong Kong. We have super mums & super dads like you & me.

So, thank you. For choosing the best for your baby. The best for the environment. Thank you for your support of Baby BeeHinds. THANK YOU!


Leanne, Luke & the BBH Team xx








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