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    Interlocking Laundry Hamper Trio Pack $35.00

    The new Interlocking Laundry System by b clean co is designed to take your dirty laundry to the next level with our gorgeous, planet friendly laundry hampers. This trio pack gives you three individual hampers that can be connected together for the ultimate laundry storage. Choose one for Light, one for Darks, one for Colours and your family will have your laundry sorting done with ease AND hidden out of view.

    Each Laundry Hamper saves 28 plastic bottles from landfill and with a generous size of 57cm height x 25 cm wide x 35cm deep they hold plenty of dirty laundry!

    Folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Perfect for small laundries, camping, caravans or bedrooms.

    If you prefer 3 of all the same colour hampers, just add comment at checkout. 

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    reusable menstrual pad trial pack
    washable menstural pads different sizes
    Ecopads Trial Pack $35.00

    These washable menstrual pads are a game changer for the eco mumma. Brilliant for ages from teenagers to post partum to every day mummas, these reusable menstrual pads are so soft your period will never be the same again.

    You won’t find anything softer against your lady bits than these period pads. Fabulous for postpartum bleeding or your monthly period you will never go back to disposable pads again. This trial pack is the perfect place to start with 1 of each size pad to get you started in a choice of random colours.

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    Silicone Feeding Set $19.20
    Babies are messy, we get it. So these adjustable silicone feeding sets make meal time a breeze. Made from soft, flexible, food grade silicone this feeding set is comfortable, practical & game changer for mess. Perfect for baby led weaning and toddler years. 

    Set includes 1 x deep pocket bib, 1 x silicone dinner bowl, 1 x silicone/wooden spoon.


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    silicone building-blocks-with-baby
    Silicone Stacking Building Blocks $16.00

    Little munchkin ready to explore, touch and feel everything? Then these stackable silicone building blocks will have your little one playing and learning in no time at all. Made from soft, durable, food grade, BPA free silicone this set of 12 blocks is just the tonic for play time.

    Featuring 12 stackable blocks in soft pastel colours with 3D embossed animal pictures, numbers, interlocking shapes and more they are non toxic, gentle on teething gums and great for all ages.

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    Laundry Hamper – Label $3.50

    Vegan Leather Label for Interlocking Laundry Hampers 
    Snaps to attach to hamper to display contents of each laundry hamper. Makes sorting laundry easy for kids and the whole family.

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    Yes seriously! A compostable scoop made from cornstarch that is the perfect and exact amount for b clean co laundry detergents. Use in your laundry for the ultimate eco-friendly laundry measuring system.

    Scoop holds 40-45 grams of powder and can be used across any laundry powder product.

    When you scoop reaches the end of its life, simply add to your green bin or compost heap and it will slowly decompose into the earth. Perfect for the eco family!

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