traditional lay-by

The old-school way to invest in cloth nappies a little as you go. No extra fees/charges. No interest. Perfect way to manage your money whilst that bump is growing.

Simply select your favourite products, add to cart & select “Lay-by” at checkout. An initial 20% deposit is required within 3 business days to secure your order.

Baby BeeHinds lay by conditions:

  • You have 10 weeks to pay out your lay by, you can choose to set up regular weekly or fortnightly payments to our account using your internet banking.
  • You must make your initial 20% deposit within 3 days of order placement, or your lay by may be cancelled without notice.
  • Your order is not sent for packing by our team until your lay-by is paid in full, therefore if an item sells out you will have the option of alternative colours/prints/store credit for the value of that product.
  • If you do not pay out your lay by within 10 weeks, we will attempt to contact you via email.  If no reply is received your lay by will be cancelled (please see cancellation fees below).
  • We are generally more than happy to accommodate requests for extensions on lay bys so please just contact us if you need some more time to pay.
  • Once your final payment is made, please email [email protected] to let us know, we will then know to look out for your payment so we can get your order out to you as soon as it clears

Layby Changes and Cancellations

We know that you might like to change your order after it’s been placed, and we will certainly do our best to accommodate any requests for changes to your lay by.  Likewise, we understand that circumstances change and you may need to cancel your lay by with us.  While we do not charge additional fees to set up a lay by, there are costs associated with the administration, packing, storage and unpacking/repacking when orders are changed or cancelled.

Following is an outline of the fees associated with lay by changes and cancellations.

  • If you wish to cancel your lay by, Baby BeeHinds will retain 15% of your order’s value from your refund.
  • If your lay by is cancelled by Baby BeeHinds due to non-payment after the completion of the lay by period, Baby BeeHinds will retain 15% of your order’s value from your refund.
  • Order changes are welcome where you would like to add, remove or change (colour, size) items in your lay by.
    • If the change affects less than 50% of the value/quantity of the order, a flat $5 fee will be charged (this charge is applicable for each change made to a lay by throughout the lay by period).
    • Any change which affects over 50% of the value/quantity of the order will be treated as an order cancellation, and the associated cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Where customers wishing to cancel a lay by have another new or existing lay by or order, Baby BeeHinds will gladly transfer the balance of the cancelled lay by across to another lay by/order, however Baby BeeHinds will retain 15% of the cancelled lay by’s value from this transfer.

Lay By FAQ

“How do I pay my lay by?”
Lay by payments are to be made via Direct Deposit.  These details are contained in the order confirmation email that you received at the time of placing your order, but should you need them again:
BSB: 032 513
Account No: 293 183
Name: Baby B
Please use your order number and the word “lay-by” as the reference when making a payment

“How much do I owe?”
Please note that it’s your responsibility to keep track of payments made to us, this is as simple as noting down each payment you make in an excel spreadsheet or on a notepad. You are welcome to email our accounts team [email protected] if you need an update.

“Can you set up regular payments?”
Unfortunately this is not possible from our end, however, most internet banking software will allow you to do this from your end.

“I made a payment but have not received an email confirmation”
We do not send out confirmation emails each time a payment is made.  If you have included your order number and the word “lay-by” as reference in your payment, then we will have received the payment and adjusted your balance.

“Can I pay the balance of my lay by via Credit Card”
This is certainly possible.  Please call our office on 08 8362 9758 to arrange this.

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