Baby BeeHinds Advice Hub

If you’re anything like us, we hate excess packaging so your order will come plastic/waste free so you can find all the information you need to successfully use, wash and care for our range of Modern Cloth Nappies in this Advice Hub. Alternatively contact our customer service team if you need more specific help. 

Before You Get Started

Any type of Modern Cloth Nappy that uses natural fibres like bamboo, organic cotton or hemp take a little bit of time for the material to reach maximum absorbency, so before you start using your nappies there is a cheats way & a more detailed way. I’m sure you are keen to get those nappies on the bum, so if you opt for the cheats, way just keep in mind you might need to change more frequently until they reach max absorption. 

Prepping Nappies Before Using Them
Equipment You Will Need
Basics on the Right Fit

Nappy Styles: How to Use

Each of our nappy styles are quite different, so simply find the style you’re ready to try and click the link for more detailed information. The basics for the right fit are the same…. Make sure the front & back waist are the same wight and have a firm fit around the legs & tummy.

All in One
All in Two
Bamboo & Hemp Fitted Nappy
Night Nappy
Swim Nappy
Training Pants
Wool Cover
Nappy Cover
Breast Pads
Nappy Liners

Washing Your Reusable Nappies

Getting a good wash routine that suits your family is an important aspect to cloth nappies. A good wash routine will ensure your nappies are clean, hygienic & will last across multiple babies. So after 17 years in the modern cloth nappy industry, and listening to some industry washing experts we have developed a close to perfect wash routine. There is a simple version, and a more advanced version.

Basic Washing Advice
Advanced Washing Routine
Washing Wool Covers
Troubleshooting FAQs
Recommended Detergent List