Leaking Nappies Kit


Got leaking disposable nappies or reusable nappies that just don’t hold enough at night? Tired of changing baby, changing bedding at 2am thanks to leaking nappies? … We hear you babe, but don’t worry this quick fix kit is the solution you have been dreaming off!

Easy? Yes! Cheap? Yes! Actually works? Yes! 

Layer up as follows: Disposable (or normal nappy) on first, then folded bamboo fold up between the legs (to absorb excess wee), then pop waterproof nappy cover over the top. Make sure everything is tucked inside the cover to avoid wicking and sleepy time here we come baby!

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Do you have leaking disposable nappies or cloth nappies that just don’t hold enough at night?
Tired of waking up to change clothing, bedding and baby? We hear you babe, but don’t worry this night nappy quick fix kit is the solution.

Easy? Yes!
Cheap? Yes!
Actually works? Yes!

Includes 2 water resistant nappy covers to keep clothes and bedding dry, plus two ultra absorbent bamboo/organic cotton inserts to absorb the excess wee. Keep reading, you will love this solution.

How to Use
1. Put your disposable on your baby as normal.
2. Fold the Bamboo Fold Up into a two or three layer rectangle and position between the legs. (this absorbs the excess wee from the disposable)
3. Secure water resistant nappy cover over the both pieces.  (this keeps everything dry)

Boom. Problem solved. Sleepy time.

Make sure your nappy and fold up are fully covered by the Nappy Cover to avoid any wicking, then in the morning simply add the Bamboo Cover to your washing and wash as per normal with your clothes wash. Nappy Covers can be air dried and used again for a second night, then simply pop them in a delicates bag and add to your normal clothes washing and line dry.

This is the easiest way to save your sanity, and your babe will be dry all night long.

Kit Includes

2 x Waterproof Nappy Covers  hand selected by us
2 x Bamboo Fold Up inserts

How to Wash

Use one cover and one fold up each night, then wash everything after the second night.

Firstly fold over your laundry tabs on your nappy covers to prevent velcro catching in wash. Add covers & bamboo fold ups to a pre-rinse cycle if you like, then add to your normal clothes washing.

We recommend an enzyme based detergent and warm water wash between 40-60 degrees to wash effectively. Line dry & reuse again and again.

Covers can be washed separately or in a delicates bag to avoid items catching.

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