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    reusable training pants in folk song
    Reusable Training Pants $15.00

    NEW Style Reusable Training Pants aka Pull Up Style Nappy.

    Featuring: Recycled PUL Outer,  Organic Cotton Inner lining with optional extra boosting options to use as a pull up style nappy. 
    Adjustable rise snaps on the front to get the perfect fit.
    Adjustable & removable stretchy side panels to fit all waist sizes as children grow and to allows extra stretch for pull up style. 

    Two layers of hidden bamboo fleece/organic cotton sewn inside the pants however you can be add extra absorbency to the pants (extra boosters not included)

    To maximise the adaptability of these pants, either the Training Pant Booster, Mighty Booster & Night Nappy Inserts can be snapped into place, allowing for ultimate absorbency for toilet training at night OR to be used as a pull up style nappy.

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    reusable training pants on toddler on flower bed
    Training Pants $10.00

    Designed to look & feel like real undies, but able to hold those little accidents, keep clothes dry AND the ability to add two levels of extra absorbency as your little one improves their skills! Easy for toddlers to pull up themselves and grow confidence with toilet training.

    Large – 15kg – 22kg
    XL – 20kg +
    Only store credit applies for change of mind. No refunds or returns. Standard 6 month warranty applies.

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    Training Pant Booster $6.00

    Snap in booster for the new Training Pants/Pull Ups. Buttery soft fleece that goes against the skin, plus our lush bamboo fleece layers of absorbency underneath these bamboo inserts will be the trimmest addition to your pull ups. Perfect for day time toilet training they will hold a small wee and give you little once a little bit more piece of mind during the challenging toilet training phase.

    These boosters will also snap into place with our Night Nappy or All in Two making them a versatile additon.

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    training pant booster
    Old Training Pant – Booster (discontinued) $3.00

    This Older Style Bamboo Booster is a great way to boost your training pants or any type of cloth nappy for day or night.

    Please note: this does not snap into the NEW style training pants. but it does make an excellent all round booster for any type of cloth nappy.

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