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Day Reusable Nappies

Looking for a trusty reusable nappy style for every day use? Choose from several cloth nappy styles or if you’re new to reusable nappies then  Take our Quiz to find out what best suits you.

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    beginners cloth nappy trial pack
    aqua all in two cloth nappy
    Beginners Cloth Nappy Trial Pack $91.20

    We have your little bee-hinds covered with this amazing Cloth Nappy Trial Pack. Featuring 5 core nappy styles for you to try and see what suits you & your baby. We know you will love each of them but with such different features, this is the perfect way to start your cloth nappy journey.

    Trial Pack includes 1x Bamboo Fitted Nappy, 1 x Nappy Cover, 1 x All in Two Velcro Waist, 1 x All in Two Snap Waist, 1 x All in One Cloth Nappy. Each nappy also includes the absorbent inserts to use each style so no need to buy any extras! Simply choose your size for the All in One and Nappy Cover

    NB 2.5 – 5kg | S 4-7kg | M 6-10kg | L 10-16kg –
    If your baby is on the upper weight range, then we recommend sizing up. 


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    Magicall All-In-Two $37.00

    The Perfect Reusable Nappy for Every Age

    Classic PUL OR New Recycled PUL fabrics.
    Same design, just different fabrics feel.

    Voted Best Cloth Nappy Our newest nappy, this style has broken all records and has become a fast favourite amongst our community. Each nappy comes with two thirsty bamboo/organic cotton inserts – our Mighty Booster and Magicall Booster for all the combinations you need.

    Choose Velcro or Snap Waist or both 

    Choose Velcro OR Snap Waist – Velcro waist makes it super easy for beginners or the perfect waist fit, or choose snaps for secure fit

    Or check out our Beginners Trial Pack that includes one of each style plus our other best selling nappy styles.

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    bamboo fitted insert set on nappy
    Bamboo Fitted $32.00

    If superior absorbency is what you want, then this is the modern cloth nappy for you! Our No 1. Best Seller our Bamboo Fitted Nappy is buttery soft, shaped & contoured with elastics in all the right places to keep things contained.  Our new all white nappy is clean, crisp and modern with all white stitching (previously rainbow stitching) …. Same style, fit, fabric and design, just new colour stitching.

    You can depend on Bamboo Nappies

    Our Multi-Award winning bamboo cloth nappies are a total workhorse nappy that will last for years & is one of the best value for money you will find.

    24-30 is the perfect amount for full time cloth nappies. Don’t forget to grab your matching waterproof covers One-Size and grow with your baby. Simply add a Nappy Cover or Wool Cover for your waterproof layer.

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  • Newborn All-In-One $30.00
    aquamarinearctic whitemoonstone

    Our multi-award winning Newborn All-In-One Reusable Nappy is one of the easiest ways to start your cloth nappy journey from day 1! Perfectly shaped to fit your newborn baby in all the right places. 8 layers of buttery soft bamboo & organic cotton for ultimate absorbency.


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    Nippers Cloth Nappy $21.60$29.40

    Designed as a Reusable Nappy for Older Kids aged 4-8yo who need extra help at night time or those children with special needs. Suitable for both day & night, this Easy to fit velcro waist, generous pocket and waterproof outer this cloth nappy  is perfect for day or night time reusable nappy use. Can be used as a nappy cover over the top of disposable nappies at night for extra leak protection, used as a pocket nappy or pull up style nappy. With different levels of absorbency you can customise this pocket nappy as the needs of your child change.

    Light Wetters  – We recommend the Microfibre Insert or Bamboo Insert option.
    Medium/Heavy Wetters – We recommend the Hemp Ultra Booster.

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  • Buy 2 for $45
    swim internal
    Swim Nappy $28.00
    aquamarineazurebotanicalscinnamon spotsdaisy chaindusty roseginghamice bluerainbowliciousRoarsage greenswellvintage roseWanderlustBlooms Lavender - Recycled PULBlooms Moss - Recycled PULBush Babies - Recycled PULFarm Days - Recycled PULFiesta - Recycled PULFolk Song - Recycled PULOceanique - Recycled PULPaw Print - Recycled PULRazzle Dazzle - Recycled PULSun Lover - Recycled PUL

    Multi-Award Winning Reusable Swim Nappy

    Loved by parents all over the world. Our reusable swimming nappy will save you money on those expensive disposable pull ups & is a whole lot better for the planet too. Prevents embarrassing code-brown situations & keeps everything contained where it should be. Add matching wetbag for the ultimate pool side combo. Multi Award Winning, this is one of the best baby swim nappies around. Available in our classic PUL fabric or new recycled PUL fabric (made from recycled plastic waste otherwise destined for landfill) – check print for details. 

    Original size suitable for 4-16kg
    NEW Larger Size 16kg + 

    2022 Best Swim Nappy – She Com Awards
    2022 Bronze Favourite Outdoor Product – MyChild Awards
    2021 Silver Best Outdoor Product – MyChild Awards
    2021 Silver Best Swimming Product – My Child Awards
    2020 The Memos Eco Warrior Award Finalist (Swim Nappy)
    2018 Best Swim Nappy – Cloth Nappy Awards
    2018 Best Swim Nappy – Retailers Choice (Runner Up)
    2017 Best Reusable Swim Nappy – Cloth Nappy Awards
    2016 Best Reusable Swim Nappy (Runner Up) – Cloth Nappy Awards

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    aqua all in one cloth nappy
    Magicalls All-In-One $25.60

    Easiest Reusable Cloth Nappy Ever!

    “I wish I had discovered these nappies earlier in my cloth journey. They are so easy to use, have a great fit, the elastics don’t cut into my chunky baby like most other brands and they have great absorbency. I bought some with my husband in mind as he is not confident using cloth, but now I have to buy some more as these are the first nappy I reach for too.” Naomi (verified review)

    You want simple, this is the cloth diaper to start! Designed with simplicity & functionality in mind this is the perfect style to start with. No fiddly buttons, just simple velcro waist closure for quick fuss-free nappy changes.

    Newborn 2.5-5kg | Small 4-7 kg | Medium 7-11kg | Large 10kg +
    If your baby is on the chunky thigh wagon, we recommend sizing up. 

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    Magicall Multi-Fit $18.50
    almondaquamarinearctic whiteazurebotanicalsbumblebeecherrycinnamon spotscoraldaisy chaindusty roseflutterbyginghamice bluemarshmallowmidnight mazemoonstonerandomRoarsage greenscallopiniswellvintage roseWanderlustwild thingswishes

    Multi-Award Winning Reusable Pocket Nappy

    Easy to Adjust Sizing

    Simply adjust the snap connections on the front to adjust the length and cross over the waist snaps for smaller babies. Includes 2 x Ultra Absorbent Bamboo/Organic Cotton inserts in each nappy. One folds creating 9 layers, the other is folded in half and placed in the wet zone for extra absorbency.

    Use just the waterproof outer as a nappy cover or combine with any brand of inserts for an effective and cheap nappy option.


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  • Save 30%Limited
    Nappy Cover – Solid Colours $11.20

    A beautifully soft, water-resistant nappy cover designed for use over your Fitted Nappies, Prefolds, Flats, Night Nappies or even over disposables to keep ‘code brown’ situations contained.

    If you’re looking for Prints, then check out our Limited Edition Print Range of  Printed Covers 

    NB 2.5-5kg | Small  4-8kg | Medium 7-12kg | Large 10-16kg | XL 16kg+



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