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It’s cloth nappy sale time baby! Great these amazing reusable nappies & accessories super specials for a limited time only or while stocks last. Plus huge range of Britt Bear teddys, baby and maternity fashion products all 80% OFF. 

  • -30%Limited
    soft 2 in 1 detergent trio pack
    SOFT Trio Bulk Pack $43.82 save $20.65(save 30%)

    SOFT 2-in-1 Eco Laundry Detergent with added fabric softener is the plant based, laundry detergent with designed to bring those natural fabrics back to that oh-so-nice soft feeling, without compromising absorption.  Perfect for Bamboo & Hemp Fitted, Night Nappies and Inserts and suitable for any brand of cloth nappies, towels or clothes that need softening gently. 

    Officially endorsed by Clean Cloth Nappies .. this is a game changer for those crunchy natural fabrics.

    In stock

  • SaleLimited
    coral multifit nappy
    baby on back with coral cloth nappy on holding hand out
    MultiFit Outer Shell – 40% OFF $15.27$25.45 save $28.00(save 100%)

    Multifit Reusable Pocket Nappy – Outer Shell 

    Easy to Adjust Sizing, Pocket for Adding Absorbency, Stay dry inner layer

    Simply adjust the snap connections on the front to adjust the length and cross over the waist snaps for smaller babies. Use your existing inserts from any brand cloth nappy for absorbency


  • Reusable Menstrual Pads $11.82$20.00

    Reusable Menstrual Pads are a game changer for your period. Designed with the softest dark purple, organic cotton velour against your skin and our water resistant backing to protect your underwear these washable menstrual pads are the best you will find.

    Choose liners for all round protection, lights for the lighter days and regular and nights for the heavier days. Our night size also makes a great option for postpartum bleeding and are so much softer than anything else you will find.

  • -10%Limited
    b clean co triple pack detergent
    BABY Trio Bulk Pack $53.86 save $6.60(save 10%)

    BABY Eco Laundry Detergent 3 Pack gives you 3kg of this amazing detergent designed specifically to wash Modern Cloth Nappies and give you super clean results, without the added chemicals. The first officially endorsed detergent by the washing gurus at Clean Cloth Nappies this is a serious, game changing plant based detergent. Safe for sensitive skin, no nasty chemicals, 4 deep cleaning enzymes this is a must-have detergent for your family and can be used on everything, not just reusable nappies. 60-70 washes in total.

    In stock

  • Strucket 19L $54.50

    The Strucket 19L is a total game changer for the laundry. Just like a normal bucket (but better), the Strucket makes soaking simple and clean. Never fear putting your hand into the residual dirty, unhygienic, toxic mess that can be left in the bucket again. With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking simple and stress-free. Featuring a world-first interlocking strainer and plug system. Soak, strain, drain and store — and never touch the mess that’s left behind. Perfect for soaking clothes or nappies, dry-pailing, deep cleaning or bleaching items. But seriously the list of possibilities are endless.


    In stock

  • Strucket Mini $31.77

    The Mini Strucket is a total game changer. The Strucket Mini features the same world-first interlocking strainer and plug system as their original Strucket but is sized to suit your benchtop. Soak, strain, drain and store — and never touch the mess that’s left behind. For the kitchen, the laundry, the toy room, the garden, lanolising wool covers and beyond. There is endless possibilities with this awesome Australian Made product.

    In stock

  • -10%Limited
    sport laundry detergent
    SPORT Laundry Detergent $18.77 save $2.30(save 10%)

    SPORT Eco Laundry Detergent is the plant based, laundry detergent designed for those sweat filled, body pumping sports outfits. From your activewear, kids sport, hats, shoes, pro-athletes and beyond this is designed to de-funk those hard-to-clean sports wear items.

    Think about how much blood, sweat & tears really gets absorbed by your sports wear. The more you train, the more you sweat, the more funk you’ll find which is why sports gear often holds smells and odours that you can never seem to get rid of. Enter SPORT by b clean co. Your de-funk saviour. 

    In stock

  • SaleLimited
    all in one cloth nappy on sale in blue pattern
    all in one nappy midnight maze
    All-In-One SMALL $21.82 save $6.00(save 20%)
    aqua palsbush buddiescastawaygolden dazemidnight maze

    Our Award Winning All in One – SMALL SIZE … the last of these prints and plain colours at 20% OFF.
    Be Quick – Stock won’t last! Use exactly the same as a disposable nappy, except a whole lots better for your baby and our planet. Simply open the nappy and secure the velcro waist for the perfect fit every time.

    Fits 4 – 7kg.
    No exchange. No Warranty.

  • SaleLimited
    britt bear snuggle blanket
    Britt Bear – Snuggle Blanket $10.91 save $48.00(save 80%)

    Made in Australia by Britt Design, these snuggle blankets are so soft & snuggly you will want one for yourself!

    65 x 60cm Long, they are the perfect size for out & about, bed time or tummy time. With 100% cotton backing, and a chenille like polyester/acrylic top layer they make a great gift for the little babe in your life.

    In stock

  • SaleLimited
    Britt Bear – T Shirt $5.45 save $24.00(save 80%)

    Made in Australia by Britt Design, famous for their Britt Bear cuddly toys, these go anywhere summer t-shirts are just adorable! Perfect for hot summer days and cool in the soft 100% cotton fabric.

  • SaleLimited
    summer baby onesie in grey
    Britt – SUMMER ONESIE $5.45 save $24.00(save 80%)

    Made in Australia by Britt Design, famous for their Britt Bear cuddly toys, these go anywhere summer onesies are just adorable! Perfect for hot summer days! Featuring sleeveless arms & thigh length legs for the cutest babe in the house!  100% cotton.  SAVE 80% 

  • SaleLimited
    Britt Bear – JACKET $10.91 save $48.00(save 80%)

    These deliciously soft jackets are made in Australia and soft as a cloud! Featuring a cotton lining, and chenile like outer with adorable bunny ear hoodie, your little one will be warm as toast in these Britt Design Snuggle Jackets. Match them up with the Blankets or Bears for the perfect combo.

  • SaleLimited
    britt bear jacket boxed
    Britt Bear – JACKET BOXED $10.91 save $47.95(save 80%)

    These buttery soft jackets designed in Australia by Britt Bear Designs, these are a functional & adorable addition your your little babes wardrobe. Beautifully gift boxed for the perfect present team them up with the matching Snuggle Blanket or Soft Comforter from the Snuggles Collection. Team them up with matching Snuggle Blanket for the perfect combo.

  • SaleLimited
    Britt – Fedora Hat $7.09 save $31.20(save 80%)

    These stylish, summer loving hats will see your little mover & shaker strutting their stuff all summer long. These adorable hats by Britt Design are a fedora style hat suitable for 1-2 year olds. In bright fresh colours, with an inner band for a comfortable fit, these are a must have for your little babe!

  • SaleLimited
    britt bear striped teddy pink and blue
    Britt Bear – STRIPED TEDDY $7.27 save $32.00(save 80%)

    These gorgeous little striped teddy bears made by Britt Design are cute-as-a-button snuggle teddy for the little baby in your life. At a super reduced price, these are guaranteed to be the perfect addition to any newborn gift!

  • SaleLimited
    Fluffy Fings – Insulated Bag $4.55 save $20.00(save 80%)

    These versatile Fluffy Fings Insulated Cooler Bags are perfect for keeping your babys milk bottles, water or food cool on a warm day. Simply add an ice brick inside and they are the perfect out & about cute looking little cooler bag! Save 80% 

    Dimensions 30 x 18 x 10cm

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