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Nappy Liners

Nappy liners take away the ick factor when it comes to solid removal. With our disposable or reusable nappy liners there is the perfect choice. 

Let’s face it. Changing any type of nappy means dealing with poo so our Nappy Liners make it super easy come change time.

Try our soft, all natural viscose nappy liners for ultra quick changes or our reusable fleece liners if you prefer to wash & reuse.

Either way, these are a game changer for poop time.

  • Save 40%Limited
    Nappy Liners – 50 Pack $5.40

    Nappy liners you can depend on

    These beauties make change time a breeze! Simply add nappy liners to each nappy, and when soiled they catch the solids & let the liquids through. Then just pop the soiled ones down the loo, and bin the wet ones!

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  • Reusable Nappy Liners 10 Pack $16.00

    Makes Nappy Change Time A Breeze

    These luxuriously soft, washable nappy liners make poo-time a breeze. Let the wetness through to the absorbent layers, but catch the solids for easy removal.

    Adaptable Sizing

    Fit all cloth nappies styles, and generous 12 x 32cm they make a great addition to change time.

    Ultra Soft & Stay Dry

    Buttery soft, new fleece material wicks moisture away quickly too leaving feeling dry.

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    Cloth Nappy Liners – 500 Bulk Roll $49.00

    Disposable Nappy Liners are made from 100% Pure Viscose which is plant based pulp. They are Flushable & Compostable, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly suitable for regular septic tanks. They make removing solids a breeze! We recommend flushing soiled nappies & binning wet liners to minimise the volume of liners flushed through the system.

    Just add water to dry wipes, and these make the most amazing bottom wipe with zero chemicals~



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