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With the AIO, this one-piece system you simply decide whether you place the attached inserts inside the pocket if you want a stay dry layer against the skin OR if you want natural fibres touching the skin, then lay on top of the pocket. Add the additional booster in the correct wet zone.

A The Perfect Size Every Time

Newborn (2.7 – 5kg)

Small (4 – 7kg)

Medium (6-11kg)

Large (10-16kg)

For larger sizes please see our Older Kids range

AIO Tips & Tricks

Connect the Velcro tabs to the Laundry Tabs when washing to prevent items catching in the wash

Fold the removable insert in half and position in the wet zone

Ensure the front & back waist are even height

Reaches best absorbency after 10 + washes, so just change bub more frequently initially

Ensure there is no gaps around the leg elastics & you have firm fit.

Washing Advice

Wash once before using, however takes up to 10 washes for bamboo inserts to reach best absorbency so just change a little more often.

For optimal washing, Pre-Rinse (optional), 60 degree long cycle (2 hours min), line dry

Use a recommended detergent

Fold laundry tabs over every time

Inserts will agitate out of the pocket during washing

See Washing Advice for more details.

How Many Do I Need?

Full Time Use we recommend 24 nappies in total. This allows enough for 2 days of use, and extra while others are drying.

Part Time Use is up to you, but 12 is a good number to balance with disposables

Remember the more nappies you have, the less pressure on washing/drying

See our Bulk Packs which include a nice discount

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