Prepping Your Nappies For Use

New nappies have arrived and you’re excited to get them on the bum (OTB). You have two options before you start using these game changing products .. the easy way or a little more work. Totally up to you!

Here is why what you need to remember about natural fibres. Any nappies which contain natural fibres (bamboo/hemp) reach their best absorbency after 8-10 washes. It basically fluffs up the fibres of the material to open them up for absorbing at maximum capacity. So your absorbent pieces (inserts, fitted nappies, night nappies .. anything which absorbs) just keep this in mind.


– Wash Nappy Covers, Swim Nappy, All-In-Tw0 Shells, Multifit Shells, separately initially. They only need 1 wash before using as they are only provide the waterproof layer. ie They are not absorbent, so don’t need fluffing up.

– Anything with Velcro (Nappy Covers, Swim, All-In-Two) – fold the laundry tabs over before washing so they don’t catch items in the machine. A delicates bag also helps this too.


We recommend line drying your inserts, nappies & other items. Hang nappies with elastics horizontally or lie over a clothes horse to prevent elastics over stretching. You may use a tumble dryer for your inserts on LOW temperature only. High temperatures will rise delaminating your waterproof fabrics which is not covered under warranty.

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