To say we are proud of these Awards, would be an understatement.

These are our most treasured accolades. We know we are on the right track when our Retailers, the general cloth nappy consumers are voting for our products as the best in the business. Making Award Winning Nappies is our aim, and knowing the world loves them as much as we do makes all the difference.

2019 AusMumpreneaur Awards
Silver – Sustainability Award

2018 Australian Nappy Association Cloth Nappy Awards

Consumer Vote
Best Reusable Swim Nappy – GOLD
Best Sized Nappy – GOLD (Magicall All-In-One)
Best Night Nappy – GOLD
Best Newborn Nappy – SILVER
Best One-Size Nappy – Bronze (Bamboo Fitted)
Best Brand – Bronze

Retailers Choice

Best Night Nappy
Best Sized Nappy
Best One-Size Nappy 2nd (Bamboo Fitted)
Best Swim Nappy 2nd (BBH Swim Nappy)
Best Newborn Nappy 2nd (Newborn All-In-One)


My Child Excellence Awards
Favourite Reusable Nappy – Silver (Bamboo Fitted)
Favourite Toilet Training Aid – Bronze (Training Pants)

2017 Australian Cloth Nappy Association Awards

Best Pocket Nappy – Magicall MultiFit
Best Fitted Nappy – Bamboo Fitted
Best Night Nappy – Night Nappy
Best Nappy Cover – PUL Nappy Cover
Best All-In-One – Magicall All-In-One Velcro
Best Swim Nappy – BBH Swim Nappy
Best Re-usable Training Pants – BBH Training Pants
Best Newborn Nappy – Newborn All-In-One (Silver)
Best Accessory – XL Hanging Wetbag (Bronze)

2017 – MyChild Excellence Awards
Favourite Re-usable Nappy – Magicall Multifit

2016 Australia Nappy Association Awards

Best Fitted Nappy – Bamboo Fitted
Best Pocket Nappy – Magicall Multifit
Best Night Nappy – BBH Night Nappy
Best Nappy Cover – BBH PUL Cover with Velcro
Best All-In-One – Magicalls All-In-One Velcro
Best Training Pant – BBH Training Pants
Best Swim Nappy – BBH Swim Nappy (Runner Up)
Best Newborn Nappy – Newborn All-In-One (Runner Up)

2016 – Ausmumpreneur Awards
Finalist – Sustainability Award (Top 3)
Finalist – Making A Difference (Business)

2016 – Essential Baby Awards
Highly Recommended – Best Modern Cloth Nappies