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Reusable Nappies, Modern Cloth Nappies, Cloth Diapers, Swim Nappies, Cloth Nappy or Accessories… What ever your nappy jam, we’ve got you covered. 

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    reusable bibs triangle shape
    Bandana Bib $7.50
    Blooms - LavenderBlooms- MossBush BabiesFarm DaysFiestaFolk SongOceaniquePaw PrintRazzle DazzleSun Lover

    This bandana bib will rock your world! OMG there is nothing more annoying than a bib that lets all that dribble through to your babies clothes right, so this water resistant triangle style bib not only saves your sanity, saves your washing pile and saves the planet.

    Made from GRS Certified Recycled PUL (the same used in our new nappies) and Certified Organic Cotton underneath, this stylish bandana bib will rock your world!

    Suitable from as soon as your little one starts baby lead weaning right through to kinder garden age, this makes the best addition to meal time anywhere and is the BEST for teething bubs with constant drool. You will love these bandana bibs made from plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfill – so soft, drool resistant and the parenting essential you didn’t know you needed.

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    All Day – Wetbag $21.00
    Blooms - LavenderBlooms- MossBush BabiesFarm DaysFiestaFolk SongOceaniquePaw PrintRazzle DazzleSun Lover

    This new style All Day Wetbag features an adjustable shoulder strap so you can look stylish all day long, and hidden in side the secret pockets is your change time essentials. Made using GRS certified PUL fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles, and with two separate pockets to keep your damp/soiled items separate from your clean items.

    Water-resistant, smell proof, and baby proof, but they’re also made with sustainability in mind. With their durable construction and waterproof properties, these wet bags are perfect for carrying everything from dirty nappies to damp swimming nappies or spewy clothes.

    43cm x 36cm with flat bottom style, it’s durable to go anywhere, do anything you need. Front pocket will hold 4-6 nappies and the main pocket will hold 8-9 cloth nappies.

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    Melvory Oatmeal Moisturising Wash $24.30

    Nourishing and Hydrating Wash 250mL

    You can use this to wash your hands, hair and body.
    Made with Organic ingredients, suitable for babies and adults.

    Tender little ones & adults with sensitive skin will love our moisturising, plant-based wash, made from pure Oatmeal, Calendula, Chamomile and Honey extracts. This extra gentle wash is designed to calm, soothe and to prevent irritation on easily troubled skin. It also works great for adults with dry scalp, to help reduce hair fall and flakiness.

    Here’s a natural shampoo and baby wash that’s mild and tear-free for them – and worry-free for you. Mums can use this too, it is curly-hair friendly.

    No harsh chemicals | No sulphates/SLS | No parabens | No synthetic preservatives |No artificial fragrances

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    Melvory Watermelon Body Oil $25.20

    Melvory’s Organic Belly Oil is a rich, nourishing blend of 9 natural key ingredients that promotes skin elasticity while your belly grows. It contains pure watermelon seed oil & rose hip oil that are both loaded with essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to help keep your bump beautiful.

    “I LOVE this belly oil. Purchased my first bottle before I was 12 weeks. I am onto my third bottle and have used liberally every day. In this photo I’m exactly 38 weeks with 60th percentile bub brewing. I have had no itching, no stretch marks and my tummy is super soft! I found the oil has really helped with my boobs, hips and belly button as well. I wouldn’t have another pregnancy without this product, it truly is fantastic.” Matilda Melvory Customer.

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