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    Leaking Nappies Kit $44.80 save $11.20(save 20%)

    Got leaking disposable nappies or reusable nappies that just don’t hold enough at night? Tired of changing baby, changing bedding at 2am thanks to leaking nappies? … We hear you babe, but don’t worry this quick fix kit is the solution you have been dreaming off!

    Easy? Yes! Cheap? Yes! Actually works? Yes! 

    Layer up as follows: Disposable (or normal nappy) on first, then folded bamboo fold up between the legs (to absorb excess wee), then pop waterproof nappy cover over the top. Make sure everything is tucked inside the cover to avoid wicking and sleepy time here we come baby!

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  • Hemp Ultra Booster $26.95

    Luxuriously soft our new Hemp Ultra Booster is designed to take your modern cloth nappies to the next level. A universal, generously sized hemp booster that can be folded a number of ways, it really is a game changer for heavy wetters. 

    • 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton terry fabric for superior absorbency, antibacterial & anti-fungal qualities
    • Generously sized 38 x 40cm – can be folded into a simple rectangle like a prefold 
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  • Night Nappy Inserts $20.00

    Designed to snap-in to both the Night Nappy OR All-In-Two – these premium inserts will get your little one through the night. Simply snap-in the inserts into either nappy style and fold the long tails so you have the most absorbency where you need it. Front for boys or tummy sleepers, evenly through the middle for medium wetters or folded towards the back for back sleepers.

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  • Magic All Inserts $10.00

    Do you need just that little bit extra boosting in your day or night nappies? Want a little more time in between changes, then these Magicall Boosters will do the job perfectly.

    Made from 3 layers of our beautifully soft bamboo fleece, they are ultra absorbent but nice & slim so you can slide them into any cloth nappy for added boosting. Add to the inside of a pocket nappy, the outside of a night nappy or add one into your Terry flat nappies, these are so versatile! Hot tip: Fold them in half and add to the main wet zone. 

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