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    wool wrap on smaller baby
    Wool Nappy Cover Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $44.10.

    Australian Merino Wool Nappy Cover

    Loved by parents all over the world and perfected over 19 years, our reusable wool diaper cover is a serious game changer for your night nappy needs. NEW thicker, luxurious soft wool fabric which is Oekeotex 100, Certified Woolmark Yarn and Mulesing Free Wool fabric.

    The Magic of Wool

    We aren’t joking, there is magic to this wool cover. It repels moisture back into the nappy keeping clothes & bedding dry all night long. Simply wash, lanolise and pop over your chosen night nappy AND wool is self cleaning (yes seriously) and only needs to be washed every few weeks when it get smelly.  Lanolin can be hard to find in the shops, so we created our own so grab one to get started on the magic of Wool Nappy Covers.

    Small (3-6kg), Med (5-8kg)  Large (8-16g)  & XL (14kg+)


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    Wool Dryer Balls – 4 Pack Original price was: $22.95.Current price is: $11.45.

    Brand new Wool Dryer Balls by b clean co are the game changer to really up your eco laundry routine. Wool Dryer Balls are made from 100% Australian felted wool and are designed to absorb moisture in your clothes, reducing drying time and energy consumption and at the same time gentle softening your laundry. These wool dryer balls come in packs of 4 and you will find a noticeable difference in your drying time – we recommend 8 dryer balls in total to really take drying to the next level. These are extra large compared to most brands and a buttery white colour to see them easily amongst your clothes.

    As these tumble through your laundry, they create pockets of warm air amongst your clothes which improves air circulation and allows the warm air to equally transfer amongst your garments reducing drying time.

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