Modern Cloth Nappy Lingo

Modern Cloth Nappy Language & Lingo

The world of Modern Cloth Nappies can be a little overwhelming for beginners with abbreviations & words you have no idea about (don’t worry you will be a pro in no time at all!). Here you will find a list of commonly used modern cloth nappy lingo, abbreviations and common terms used in the reusable nappy world.  


  • MCN Modern Cloth Nappy
  • AIO All In One Nappy Style – meaning the nappy is only one piece
  • AI2 All in Two Nappy Style – meaning there are two pieces to the nappy. Waterproof shell & snap-in inserts.
  • OSFM One-Size-Fits-Most – meaning the nappy has adjustable sizing
  • PUL Polyurethane Laminate – the waterproof outer layer of a nappy shell or cover
    Recycled PUL – means the waterproof outer layer is made from plastic bottles that were destined for landfill, that have been repurposed into this fabric. 
  • ROAK Random Act of Kindness
  • S & S Strip & Sanitise Washing Method to solve smelly nappies or poor wash routine
  • CCN Clean Cloth Nappies – Science & evidence based cloth nappy advice website (the best)
  • OTB On the bum
  • BBH Baby BeeHinds aka the best
  • CC China Cheapie
  • NB Newborn

Nappy Components

  • VELCRO Hook/loop waist closure option. We use superior Velcro brand in our range, whereas most brands use generic hook & loop suppliers
  • SNAPS Resin snap buttons that connect together to adjust sizing, waist bands or bag handles
  • BAMBOO FLEECE Absorbent material used in inserts (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)
  • HEMP FLEECE Absorbent material used in Hemp Fitted (55% hemp, 45% organic cotton)
  • PUL Waterproof, colourful layer
  • INSERTS/BOOSTERS Absorbent layer which hold urine
  • LINERS A paper thin layer used to catch solids for easy poo removal (disposable or fleece)
  • MICROFLEECE A soft, 100% polyester layer used as a stay dry layer to wick away moisture from the skin
  • SUEDECLOTH A soft, 100% polyester layer used as a stay dry layer to wick moisture away from the skin
  • LANOLISE A process of adding lanolin back into a wool cover to make waterproof
  • COVER / SHELL The outer, waterproof layer that goes over the top of a nappy or absorbent layers
  • WETBAG A reusable wetbag stores soiled nappies. Made from waterproof PUL
  • POCKET A feature of a nappy whereby you can add inserts inside the pocket.
  • RISE The length of a nappy front to back.

Common Cloth Nappy Terms

  • PREWASH A shorter cycle used before a main wash.
  • DRY PAIL A type of soiled nappy storage where you do not soak the nappies. Learn More
  • STASH Your collection of cloth nappies
  • FLUFF MAIL New nappies are en-route to your letterbox
  • NAPPY SPRAYER A high pressure hose like Little Squirt that connects to your toilet to remove solids.
  • DELAMINATING Whereby the waterproof layers bubble or disintegrate.
  • CLOTH WIPES A washable version of a wet wipe, used at nappy change time.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Modern Cloth Nappies. Established since 2004 we know what you need to make this easy.
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