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    reusable night nappy trial pack
    bamboo fitted nappy on pale yellow background
    Night Nappy Trial Pack $108.80

    Sweet Dreams & Dry Nights are just around the corner with this Night Nappy Trial Pack. Our ultra thirsty (Award Winning) Night Nappy and our Bamboo Fitted Nappy (perfect for day or nights) along with our waterproof PUL Cover and Wool Cover gives you the perfect combination to find your winning night nappy combination.

    4 perfectly curated, interchangeable products which gives you 4 different combinations to try to find the perfect night nappy solution. You’re in safe hands with our Award Winning range & a nice little 20% discount too!

    Combinations with this Night Nappy Trial Pack 
    Bamboo Fitted Nappy + Wool Cover (Night Time)
    Bamboo Fitted Nappy + PUL Cover (Day or Night time for light/medium wetters)
    Night Nappy + PUL Cover (Night Time)
    Night Nappy + Wool Cover (The Ultimate Dry Night Solution for heavy wetters)


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    beginners cloth nappy trial pack
    aqua all in two cloth nappy
    Beginners Cloth Nappy Trial Pack $91.20

    We have your little bee-hinds covered with this amazing Cloth Nappy Trial Pack. Featuring 5 core nappy styles for you to try and see what suits you & your baby. We know you will love each of them but with such different features, this is the perfect way to start your cloth nappy journey.

    Trial Pack includes 1x Bamboo Fitted Nappy, 1 x Nappy Cover, 1 x All in Two Velcro Waist, 1 x All in Two Snap Waist, 1 x All in One Cloth Nappy. Each nappy also includes the absorbent inserts to use each style so no need to buy any extras! Simply choose your size for the All in One and Nappy Cover

    NB 2.5 – 5kg | S 4-7kg | M 6-10kg | L 10-16kg –
    If your baby is on the upper weight range, then we recommend sizing up. 


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    bamboo fitted nappy on pale yellow background
    Fitted Nappy Trial Pack $76.80

    Want to try our award-winning Fitted Nappies and PUL cover system without making a big investment then this is the trial pack for you.  Seriously bomb proof, this combination is a total work-horse of your cloth nappy life plus get a free 50 Pack Nappy Liners with every trial pack. 

    Pack Includes: 
    • 2 x Bamboo Fitted Nappy- includes 2 x Insert Sets 
    • 2 x Baby BeeHinds PUL Nappy Covers (pick your size)

    These are the ultimate workhorse nappies that are perfect for day & nights. Leak-proof, ultra-absorbent and mainly natural fabrics these are great reusable nappies.

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    all in one cloth nappy trial pack
    All-In-One Trial Pack $42.00

    We know you will love the super easy Magicall All in One – so this is perfect for Beginners! Our Multi-Award Winning Magicalls are the hands down easiest modern cloth nappy to start your reusable cloth nappy journey with. Grab this Trial Pack for a quick & easy introduction to the world of Modern Cloth Nappies.

    Save 30% when buying in this trial pack!

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    new bee cloth nappy trial pack
    New Bee Cloth Nappy Trial Pack $33.50

    The easiest was to start Modern Cloth Nappies is with our Award Winning Velcro Nappies | Perfect fit every time for all ages and so easy for grandparents, carers, sleep deprived parents for dads with those big hands who just find snaps too fiddly. Say goodbye to excuses, with our easy to use Magicall All in One & All in Two bundled together in our New Bee Cloth Nappy Trial Pack & SAVE 20%.

    Guaranteed you’ll love these easy cloth nappies, and the perfect place to start your baby, reusable journey

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    aqua all in one cloth nappy
    Magicalls All-In-One $25.60

    Easiest Reusable Cloth Nappy Ever!

    “I wish I had discovered these nappies earlier in my cloth journey. They are so easy to use, have a great fit, the elastics don’t cut into my chunky baby like most other brands and they have great absorbency. I bought some with my husband in mind as he is not confident using cloth, but now I have to buy some more as these are the first nappy I reach for too.” Naomi (verified review)

    You want simple, this is the cloth diaper to start! Designed with simplicity & functionality in mind this is the perfect style to start with. No fiddly buttons, just simple velcro waist closure for quick fuss-free nappy changes.

    Newborn 2.5-5kg | Small 4-7 kg | Medium 7-11kg | Large 10kg +
    If your baby is on the chunky thigh wagon, we recommend sizing up. 

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    Magicall Multi-Fit $18.50
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    Multi-Award Winning Reusable Pocket Nappy

    Easy to Adjust Sizing

    Simply adjust the snap connections on the front to adjust the length and cross over the waist snaps for smaller babies. Includes 2 x Ultra Absorbent Bamboo/Organic Cotton inserts in each nappy. One folds creating 9 layers, the other is folded in half and placed in the wet zone for extra absorbency.

    Use just the waterproof outer as a nappy cover or combine with any brand of inserts for an effective and cheap nappy option.


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