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Voted Australia’s Best Night Nappy by Retailers & Customers you know a good nights sleep for baby (and you) is just around the corner with these beauties.  This is hard to beat with up to 23 layers of customisable absorbency in the wet-zone, it’s made for olympic wetters! Combine with Wool Cover & Lanolin for the most magicall nights sleep you will come across! OR Take the leap into Night Nappies with our Night Nappy Trial Pack or Night Nappy Starter Pack which both give you up to 30% off.

Please note: This nappy needs a waterproof cover over the top to keep clothes & bedding dry so make sure you add a PUL Cover or Wool Cover (best for heavy wetters) to your order or purchase in the Trial Pack or Starter Pack for bundle discounts including covers. 

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40% OFF Small | 30% OFF Medium | 20% OFF Large & XL

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23 Layers of Soft, Fluffy, Sweet Dream Bliss: Night Nappy

This is officially one of the best night nappy solutions you will find anywhere in the world with ultra soft bamboo layers, buttery soft velour that goes against the skin, its the sleep saviour you have been searching for. Tired of leaking nappies and full bed changes in the middle of the night?


Why Do Parents Love this So Much?

Chubby Bubba or Skinny Minnie
– The side snaps on this night nappy style allow you to adjust the legs & waist separately to get the perfect fit every time.  Whether you have a chubby thighs or tiny bottoms to deal with, every body shape will get the perfect fit with these side snaps.

Unbeatable Absorbency
– To last all night, you need maximum absorbency so the fitted nappy piece & the inserts are made with the best, most absorbent fabrics to last all night long. The long tails can be folded to the front, middle or back and positioned in the wet zone where you need it most. You will get a max of 23 layers in this baby depending on how you fold the inserts.

Soft As a Babies Bum – Seriously soft & fluffy as a cloud. You won’t be able to resist it. Neither will your baby. The buttery soft organic cotton velour is so soft against your babies skin, same too for the stay dry layer of microfleece to wick moisture away from the skin keeping bub feeling dry all night long.


Ultimate Combo – This is a Fitted style Night Nappy so you need to add a water proof layer over the top to keep clothes/bedding dry. Simply add a waterproof Nappy Cover or our 100% Merino Wool Nappy Cover for the ultimate in breathable night time solutions. This night nappy does need a cover over the top to ensure clothes/bedding stays dry so grab one of the above (we recommend wool for the most breathable & unbeatable cover). Want some more details on the best night nappy combinations, then have a read of this article or if you want to learn more about reusable nappies then read our beginners guide to cloth nappies over on our blog.


Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Waist Closure: KAM Snaps, Side Snapping
Fitted Absorbency: Outer 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester, Inner Stay Dry Microfleece
Inserts: Snap-In Inserts, 3 layers Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece with microfleece top layer
Sized: Small, Med, Large, XL
Requires Nappy Cover or Wool Cover for waterproofing. 
Washing Advice: See Washing Advice tab
Compatible Inserts for Extra Boosting: Mighty Booster, Magicall Inserts, Night Nappy Inserts

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37 reviews for Night Nappy

  1. R

    Rachael (Verified Customer)

    We have used these night nappies for 4 years on our two boys now and they are by far our favourites

  2. E

    Elise (Verified Customer)

    These night nappy’s are a life changer. I use mine with a pul cover and we get 12 dry hours over night. Means when i do the feed middle of the night i don’t need to worry about a nappy change and i can go back to sleep. They can take a while to line dry however the design is made with the fastest drying possible.

  3. E

    Emily (Verified Customer)

    The best, only night nappy that works!

  4. L


    OMG game changer this nappy!

  5. HT

    Henry Trewren

    The nappies are high quality and we keep using them for our third child. Some nights require the nappy to be changed again but generally they have done the job.

    A long wash at 60 degrees celsius seems to clean these quite well.

  6. NS


    Beautiful and soft. It’s absorbing and does a whole night with my heavy wetter (with a wool cover). The side buttons are a bit tricky to master and so I do use the hemp fitted and bamboo fitted more. But tend to put him in this if I need a fool proof plan.

  7. E

    Ella (Verified Customer)

    Easy and bomb proof! I’ve been using these for the past 10 months and am yet to have a leak. Works well with a PUL sized up as a cover, but definitely a favourite with a wool cover, and less fuss than trying to boost the day nappies.

  8. E


    Great night nappy. Its the only one I use.

  9. E


    I originally bought these for my son but they didn’t work so well for him because there was too much pressure on his skin from the bulky insert once it was wet and caused inflammation (an issue he had with every reusable night nappy once he was a toddler and wet heavily overnight, plus started sleeping on his tummy) but no leaks, and they worked well on my 2 daughters. Also I used them as a shell for my son with compostable nappy pad inserts which was the only compromise solution I could find for him that kept him dry enough to avoid irritation on his sensitive skin.

  10. D


    Fantastic for overnight use. Best used with the wool cover. They are bulky however never bothers bub.

  11. AM

    Alicia McQueen (Verified Customer)

    Hands down the best night nappy available!! I have been using cloth for four years now and during that time I have tried various night nappy combinations before settling on the BBH night nappies. These babies last my tiny humans an easy 12 hours over night.

  12. K


    These night nappies last all night. Our two year old daughter sleeps 12 hours overnight and these last the whole night! No leaks. We have now started using the medium ones on our 12 week old son and they also don’t leak, now I just need him to sleep the whole night. Great overnight solution. They do take a long time to dry but I guess that is what makes them so absorbent. I’m glad we have hydronic heating, this speeds up drying time when I leave them over the heater.

  13. L


    These are absolutely fantastic, last all night. The sizing is accurate.

  14. ZM

    ZOE MOORE (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely love this night nappy! Provides great absorbency, fits really well and when paired with the wool cover lasts my baby 12+ hours overnight with no leaks! Will definitely be purchasing more.

  15. TB

    Trudie Brannan-Medcraft (Verified Customer)

    One of my go to night nappies, no leaks and fit perfectly.

  16. H


    Have the Medium and Large size through by growing man and have really helped with no leaks and need for changing overnight. great absorbancy, generous sizing and so soft and comfy for those new tooshies!

  17. K

    Kim (Verified Customer)

    My son is a heavy night wetter and this has been the only nappy that does not leak overnight. We had tried many options before finding the baby behinds night nappy the perfect choice for our lil man. Highly recommended!!

  18. E

    ellabellamay430 (Verified Customer)

    Love love love these night nappies! Very comfy for bub, never ever leak, easy to put on, and not too bulky!

  19. AM

    Amy McIntyre (Verified Customer)

    So soft and the best fit – I’ve tried other night nappies from the big brands and none get as good a fit at the waist & leg! Excellent absorption capacity too. My only complaint is the snaps- the long pieces over the hip attach underneath the front piece (opposite to most other nappies), which can be a little tricky to snap with a wiggly toddler at change time

  20. CC

    Cara Clews

    These are a total game changer for night time. We tried several other brands but honestly nothing compares to these Night Nappies. We started using a PUL cover which was easy, but found that we were still getting some damp clothes overnight so we took the plunge and swapped to the BBH Wool Cover and it was game on. Really easy to use once you get used to folding the long tail inserts, and the wool is really the game changers to perfect night time nappies. These are a game changer and highly recommend.

  21. E

    ellajanebinks (Verified Customer)

    We love using these as our main night time nappies. They soak up plenty of wee and at 6 months old we’ve been using these with the Baby Beehinds Nappy Covers with no problems or leaks. They are a little bulky, but it makes sense considering that last all night. This doesn’t seem to bother baby, she is happy and comfortable in them. Great quality as always.

  22. S


    8 years after using BBH night nappies on my eldest and they are still the bomb! Cant mess with perfection! Started with Mediums on my 3 month old, they have plenty of absorbency left for as he grows. PUL or wool cover, these last us all night and are a staple of any BBH cloth family

  23. A

    Amy (Verified Customer)

    While this is the best night nappy that I’ve tried I have reverted to using disposables over night as my bubba seems to be able to wet through anything else. I haven’t tried using the wool cover too which is recommended so I would recommend getting them too if you want dry nights.

    • BB

      Baby BeehInds (Verified Customer)

      Great feedback Amy thank you and there is a few tips of your bub is outwetting the Night Nappy – firstly remember it takes about 12+ washes to reach max absorbency on these puppies as there is so many layers. You can add a booster (any brand/material) to the outside of the night nappy for a touch more absorption if needed. And the wool cover makes a massive difference for a heavy wetter – its hard to get your head around the concept but the expense of a Wool Cover is really worth it for those ultra wetting babies. The Wool Cover is next level for overnights.

  24. CF

    Chloe F (Verified Customer)

    So soft, fits so well. Baby looks comfortable and woke up happy.

  25. LL

    Lindsay Lee (Verified Customer)

    Great night nappy however I’m using the inserts from the bamboo fitted while bub is smaller and will transition as she grows. Whilst I love the absorbency I’m not sold on the side snaps as they’re opposite to all of my other BBH nappies so I always have to think more than use muscle memory haha

  26. F

    Faye (Verified Customer)

    I have tried a few night nappies and these are by far my favourite. I would have liked a OSFM option but I can actually get a better fit with them being sized given the amount of bulk required to be absorbent night nappies. They are much easier to fit on my petite bub. Absorbency is fantastic, easily customisable with the insert, making these my most reliable night nappy. I use them with a one size larger PUL cover.

  27. DD

    Danielle Dudley

    Super thirsty night nappy set up great for heavy wetters like my LO. I got these for use under wool leggies.

  28. KE

    Karina Evans (Verified Customer)

    Love these night nappies. Used them from 4months to now (3 years old). No leaks

  29. C


    All round great night nappy. I love how the entire nappy is super soft and absorbent and has plenty of room to boost with extra inserts. I initially bought some second hand and have loved them and will definitely be getting more!

  30. S

    Sami (Verified Customer)

    Great concept for a nappy. I loved the feel of the nappy, the absorbency… but the insert is just way too big for the nappy? I ended up using different inserts because it was impossible to put on my small baby. I’ve ordered a size up but I don’t know what to do with my night nappy inserts now. Maybe BBH can just sell the shell outer as a separate?

    • BB

      Baby BeeHinds (Verified Customer)

      Thanks for the feedback Sami and dont give up on the night nappy inserts especially as your baby grows – you will find they fit inside better as your baby grows into them and you might need the extra absorbency. The night nappy inserts also snap-in perfectly to the All in Two nappy if you have any of those handy. You can actually use the inserts in any pocket nappy too. Great feedback, thank you.

  31. AG

    Alex Greaves

    Amazing absorbency, super comfy and simple to use. We love these night nappies with a wool cover to last 12 hours.

  32. MT

    Melanie Taraborrelli

    I tested 4 different types of night nappies on our night nappy journey (all different brands) and these were the best by far for fit, absorbency and drying time (due to the nappy and liners being separate). I loved them so much that I doubled my supply after a good period of testing on my twin girls. The fit range has been great. My girls are lightweights and still fit the medium size now that they are 2. Great value and a quality product!

  33. KS

    Katherine Spink (Verified Customer)

    Back for more!
    Love these night nappies. I bought one and have been using that amongst stuffed day nappies. Finally have come back for more because they are so easy to use, out last my heavy wetter and are super soft and absorbent! Ive been using large even before he fit the large with zero leaks thanks to the ruffle of the leg and a woolie. No red leg marks, no pul so can chuck it in the dryer on cold Melbourne days! Easy to use!
    I still add a hemp insert externally due to the heavy wetting but overall these are now my number 1 night nappy overnight 😍

  34. HB

    Hannah Bergado (Verified Customer)

    This nappy is saving me at the moment, only bought one to try but am now back to invest in a big stash. Bub was waking up every hour with all my other nappies, but will sleep 6 hours in one of these babies. Love them, and love the company, best customer service you will ever find. These nappies are also so beautiful and soft, worth every cent!

  35. AM

    Andrea M. (Verified Customer)

    Game changer!! No more having to stuff day nappies with extra inserts & No more wet sheets in the morning when bubs wakes up..

  36. CC

    cara clews (Verified Customer)

    I see why these nappies are voted the best. We have been using for 3 months on our 6 month old and haven’t had a leak yet. Not as scary as I thought. Haven’t had any issues with the Nappy Covers, but think the wool cover might be worth a go as he is starting to wet more overnights now.

  37. JE

    Jamie Errico (Verified Customer)

    Loved these nappies teamed with a wool cover for my daughter. They lasted all night and never had any leaks. I used both the medium and large sizes… I did find she outgrew them quicker than the suggested weight range but she nighttime toilet trained and started using the training pants with a night booster as a back up.

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