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SOFT Eco Laundry Detergent is the plant based, laundry detergent with added softener designed to bring those natural fabrics back to that oh-so-nice soft feeling, without compromising absorption.  Perfect for Bamboo & Hemp Fitted, Night Nappies and Inserts and suitable for any brand of cloth nappies, towels or clothes that need softening gently. 

This is a game changer for those crunchy natural fabrics.

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100% Australian Made | Deep Cleaning Powdered Laundry Detergent with Added Softener.


Adds Softness, Without Compromising Absorbency – can take up to 2-3 washes to see results depending on water hardness.


Plant Based Super Powers – A powerful combination of plant based surfactants, deep cleaning organic enzymes and that give you great results every time.

Cloth Nappy Safe – One of the hardest things to clean (and keep clean) so b clean co developed a powerful combination to keep even the nastiest of items clean and smell free. This formulation won’t compromise absorbency unlike other fabric softeners. Finally a 2 in 1 detergent that really works

Removes the Stinks – Our deep cleaning formula prevents the eye-watering stinks every time, especially if you follow our washing advice.

Smells like a Mojito – With a Lemon Myrtle & Bush Mint natural fragrance, it really means business. This gentle scent rinses free, so leaves no residual smell but its gives you a little puff of freshness with every load of laundry.

Australian Owned & Made  –  When you choose b clean co you are supporting local Australian manufacturing and keeping employment where it belongs. We take great pride in working with local manufacturers to create jobs in South Australia.

No Nasties  – We hate nasty ingredients too and know how important taking care of your families needs is so you won’t find any hidden ingredients in our products. Free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phosphates, Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes and Optical Brighteners. Nothing but good stuff.

Grey Water & Septic Safe plus Vegan Friendly & Not Tested on Animals.


Recycle Me – We hate hard packaging that most detergents come in so our soft pouches are recyclable via the RedCycle programs across Australia.

Softness will disappear if you change detergents, so recommended to use every wash cycle to keep your items soft.

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9 reviews for SOFT Laundry Detergent

  1. C

    Casey (Verified Customer)

    I have not been a fabric softener user for many years now as I could not find a clean plant based product which I liked, until now. Life changing for those garments that need that extra little love of a softening!

  2. C


    I bought a box of the Soft laundry powder after buying a trio pack to test it out and found that it has done a great job of cleaning my daughter’s reusable nappies & the family’s daily laundry.
    One handy tip – I also found that it has softened my husband’s work shirt, so it didn’t need ironing after hanging to dry!

  3. MW

    Miffy Wulff

    All of my nappies are bamboo OSFM and most of them were purchased for my sons birth in April 2017. I’ve had two daughters since then so we boosted our stock slightly and therefore a few are newer than that, but most have been used over nearly 4 years and 3 kids. They were pretty crunchy, we have only ever washed them with Rockin’ Green detergent and very occasionally with Omo+Comfort.

    The smell is not great for me though. It smells good when you open the container, but its taken some getting used to not smelling anything during or after the wash. Whilst nothing smells BAD after washing, I definitely prefer a scent to stay on my washing. Washing with the new detergent I think you could definitely notice they were a bit softer, even wet out of the machine, which is great! I would definitely continue to use this product.

  4. JK

    Jessica King

    I didn’t tell my partner that we were using a different detergent and after the third wash he asked me what I was doing differently because the nappies were noticeably softer but I noticed by the second wash (after they were dry) .. There were a couple of stained nappies from those dreadful blueberry poos but I trialled the wash without any stain remover (I usually use tuff stuff stain remover bar on obvious stains after rinsing). When I used the tuff stuff, there were no issues with the stains. I normally use the Eco Store Ultra Sensitive laundry detergent, which I really like but I always added vinegar to soften the nappies up. I am pregnant so my nose is really sensitive but I couldn’t smell anything on the nappies when they came out of the wash, they were just clean and fresh smelling! This is a really easy to use product!

  5. EW

    Ella Walter

    I think my nappies felt slightly softer straight away. I can’t say it’s heaps softer a few washes in but I’d be up for buying a full packet and given it a proper go at launch to see. Actually I have checked the nappy I put aside at the start as a comparison and it’s definitely more crunchy. So I’d say yes it’s effective after 3 washes but I think it might be more noticeable after 4 or 5. The scent was very good! Performed just as well as cold power whereas I’ve found eco ones in the past not that great so have steered clear. I’ve used OMO sensitive in the past also and would say this is comparative to both. Scent was actually really nice and very light. Nappies just smelled like clean clothes after, not a strong scent. Packaging looks really nice too!

  6. KY

    Kate Young

    It’s been roughly a week using your SOFT washing powder – we kept it specifically for our nappies. And what an amazing result we had. We started using the powder right around the time our son got sick so we got some downright disgusting nappies that had me wondering if they’d even come back clean. And they certainly did. They’ve come back soft, pristinely clean and absolutely without any stains or smells. The scents of the powder and the cream are mild and don’t feel overwhelming on your senses, unlike some other detergents. The scoop provided can be composted and is completely biodegradable which is a great plus too. Excited to keep using the powder in the days and weeks ahead. It’s made a difference to our nappies for sure!

  7. HJ

    Helen Jansz

    I l™ve used the soft washing powder on 3 x pre washes, a main wash and a load of baby clothes.

    I love that there is no intense smell (scent is subtle) to the powder and used the recommended doses for the loads. Everything came out clean, stain free and smelling fresh!

    Was really impressed with it as I’ve used a couple of natural detergents and don’t feel like the nappies/clothes are clean. Also love the cornstarch scoop!”

  8. C


    Love the Soft detergent. We no longer use any extra stain removers as they are built into this. We have soft water and this detergent is great because the built in softener not only helps keep your nappies and clothes soft (even hemp!) but the softeners help to reduce the suds in our front loader which happen with usual powders.

  9. C

    Cassie (Verified Customer)

    I was definitely initially skeptical about a detergent that met all my ideal criteria (natural, Australian made etc.) ACTUALLY working on my daughter’s nappies. I was gobsmacked when my nappies came out completely clean and genuinely soft! I usually have to use the soak function on my washing machine every main nappy wash, even with one of the top performing mainstream detergents, but with Soft I didn’t have to. I also love the gentle scent. Well done!! My only problem was that the bag isn’t big enough – would love a bulk size to save on shipping costs!

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