All-In-One System Explained

Magic-Alls- Pocket AIOs


Magic - Alls are an 'All-In-One' System. That is- a one piece system that has no need for any covers, liners etc. One piece systems are extremely user friendly and fantastic for outings, carer use, or even around the house. If you would prefer to use the EASIEST system around, then Magic-Alls AIOs are for you. Our AIO nappies come in 4 different sizes, in order to provide a comfortable and precise fit for baby through each stage of their growth.

Magic-Alls are made from 100% man made materials. The outer layer is PUL/Minkee, the inner absorbent core is thirsty microfibre terry cloth, and the inner layer, directly next to baby's skin, is an ultra sheer suedecloth. This inner layer is designed to help keep baby dry and wick wetness away from baby's skin. However, in addition to these great features, our Magic-Alls also have a pocket-style opening sewn in to the back of the nappy. This opening allows for a bit more flexibility with absorbency. If baby is a heavy wetter, or if you want to put baby down for a nap, or go out for an extended period, you are able to stuff a booster inside the pocket opening. By doing this, you are basically adding more absorbency to the nappy, as each booster is comprised of 3 layers of thick, lush bamboo fleece. Each Magic-All comes packed with one free booster to get you off to a great start.

So...Is this the system for you?


1) No Fuss! Extremely user friendly. Seriously, these are as easy to put on baby as a disposable nappy! No cover needed, no liner needed. Just put on bub and it's as simple as that! If using the Boost-It, it will take about 3 seconds to insert. If you pre-stuff the pocket, you'll still have no fuss at change time!

2) Coverage: The wide band of elastic around the back of the nappy keeps unwanted messes contained! A feature we are very proud of!

3) Trim for baby to wear. Precise sizing and fit ensures baby always wears the perfect size for them. No unnecessary bulk.

4) Stay-Dry: Completely lined in sheer suedecloth to keep baby feeling dry.

5) Absorbency: Decent absorbency for the average wetter- with the ability to adjust absorbency- room for some 'boosting' if required! These nappies have a pocket opening in the back, in addition to the sewn-in absorbency already provided, and come with a bamboo insert at no additional cost.

6) Drying time: Relatively good drying time for an AIO nappy system, which typically are the slowest drying of all nappy types.

7) Price! Very cost effective for an AIO nappy system, which are typically the most expensive of modern cloth nappy options.

  • If baby is a heavy wetter, simply insert as many inserts as required in to the pocket opening!  The supplied insert is generally sufficient for most babies, but you do have the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly what YOUR baby needs.
  • You should expect a lifespan of between 150 - 250 washes from your Baby BeeHinds if they are cared for as per our recommendations.  If quantity on hand is sufficient for full time use (approx 25 per size for one child) then this is about 1.5 - 2.5 years - or a cost per wear of between 11c and 18c .  (There are so many variables which can affect the lifespan of nappies that it is impossible to give a precise life-span)

OK sounds great! I think I like this system! But what will it cost me?

If you're interested in TRYING this system before purchasing in bulk (it's a good idea), then we recommend purchasing a TRIAL PACK, or purchasing just one to try first, to see if you like it.  If, after using the trial pack/nappy, you decide that this is definitely the system for you, then you can consider some of our PACKAGES.

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