Training Pant Booster

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Snap in booster for the new Training Pants/Pull Ups. Buttery soft fleece that goes against the skin, plus our lush bamboo fleece layers of absorbency underneath these bamboo inserts will be the trimmest addition to your pull ups. Perfect for day time toilet training they will hold a small wee and give you little once a little bit more piece of mind during the challenging toilet training phase.

These boosters will also snap into place with our Night Nappy or All in Two making them a versatile additon.

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Reusable Training Pant boosters designed to snap into place in our NEW pull up style training pants BUT they also snap into the Night Nappy or All in Two if you’re looking for a less bulkier option. With butttery soft stay dry layer made from 50% coolmax, 50% recycled fleece and 3 layers of bamboo fleece absorbency, these are the perfect amount of absorbency to add to catch those little accidents during toilet training.

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