Strucket 19L

The Strucket 19L is a total game changer for the laundry. Just like a normal bucket (but better), the Strucket makes soaking simple and clean. Never fear putting your hand into the residual dirty, unhygienic, toxic mess that can be left in the bucket again. With the Strucket you will never leave your items soaking for endless days again, because the Strucket makes soaking simple and stress-free.

Featuring a world-first interlocking strainer and plug system. Soak, strain, drain and store — and never touch the mess that’s left behind. Perfect for soaking clothes or reusable nappies, dry-pailing, deep cleaning or bleaching items. But seriously the list of possibilities are endless.


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What Can’t It Do … Here are our favourite using for the Strucket

Collect your Garden Vegies (all the soil goes to the bottom)
Esky add ice, and it becomes a fuss free esky with easy clean up.
Soak the ultimate laundry tub – soak, strain & drain easily. No more drip trains to the washing machine.
Wash toys
Cloth Nappies – dry pail, sanitise and clean
Cleaning golf balls
The list is endless!

What people are saying about Strucket?

“I find the strucket great for saving water. After I have soaked the whites I then strain them into the washing machine and use the water again for the dark clothes that need to be soaked. It’s a great size for larger items as well as small. I like the lid – allows for things to be stacked on top of it while it’s being used. It’s easy to empty just pull the plug and it’s done” Jayne H.

“I love my strucket, one of the best purchases with a newborn/infant. Especially great for soaking all those reusable nappies. 100% would recommend and thinking I may even purchase a 2nd” Kiri Bush.

 Check out this great video which explains just how good it is! CLICK TO WATCH 

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