Not all cloth nappies are created equal, but after 19 years in the industry we've got you covered. After all, you don't last this long unless your products work time and time again. So let us help you choose the right nappy style for you and your baby. We have 4 different styles to choose from and each of them perform differently based on your needs.

I want the EASIEST nappy style!

Velcro nappies are your answer here!

Velcro waist nappy’s are as close to a disposable nappy style you will find. Simply fit the nappy to baby, and wrap the Velcro tabs around the front to secure and you’re good to go. We have two options to choose from.

Option 1: Magical All in One Nappy is a simple one piece cloth nappy. No adjusting of snaps or buttons, no folding inserts, nothing to get you or your hubby frustrated and give up. Simply open the nappy up, lay baby down on top of the nappy, and secure the Velcro at the front around the waist and that’s it, then repeat once the nappy is soiled. Choose your nappy size, colours and away you go. We find this is a simple to use cloth nappy and by far the easiest cloth nappy styles to start with.

aqua all in one cloth nappy

Option 2:  All in Two Cloth Nappy is size adjustable. The buttons on the front are called rise snaps and you adjust the rows that snap together to adjust the size of the nappy as your baby grows. There are two pieces to this nappy – the outer colourful water proof layer, and two bamboo/cotton inserts that snap into place for absorbency.  This style is better value for money as it grows with your baby, but very easy once you get the hang of it.  Simply adjust your rise snaps (they can stay in place all the time), add insert into place, lay baby down, and secure the velcro around the front. 

You can reuse the outer shell a few times by replacing a soiled insert with a clean insert.  The All in Two is almost as easy as the All in One, except its better value for money being one-size-fits-most and it’s also more absorbent than the All in One. 

I need the MOST ABSORBENT nappy

By far the most absorbent of the day time nappies is a Fitted Nappy. Unlike most cloth nappy styles on the market, the whole nappy is absorbent front, back, sides – everything which means the ultimate absorbency makes a great nappy for sleep time. 

Because the Fitted Nappy wraps around your babies body, and the whole nappy is absorbent you need a separate waterproof nappy cover to keep clothes/bedding dry. So using Fitted Nappies is a two part nappy system BUT so much more absorbent than a normal pocket nappy style – because you have the most fabric to absorb the wetness.

You won’t find many Fitted nappies on the market anymore, but these are still one of our best sellers. Choose either Bamboo/Organic Cotton or Hemp/Organic Cotton in our range, plus choose your nappy covers (or wool covers) and you’re good to go. They still grow with our baby and are one-size-fits-most but you adjust the sizing differently to an All in Two with rise snaps. Oh and Fitted nappies can be used at Night for light/medium wetters too – bonus. 


I need a Night Time Nappy solution

Sleep is precious – for everyone, so we’ve got you covered with the best night nappy options going around. 

Getting night nappies right is all about making sure you have enough absorbency and that bub feels dry. There is nothing like our Award Winning Night Nappy to get you through and get you back to sleep.  

Our Night Nappy has two pieces – the nappy outer which is entirely absorbent, and the insert which snaps inside. With buttery soft microfleece on both parts, this wicks wetness away quickly keeping baby feeling dry. Powered by up to 23 layers, this washable night nappy is the heavy lifting you need for nights. As its a fitted nappy style, it needs a nappy cover so you can either choose a PUL COVER or WOOL COVER. 

For olympic wetters we recommend the wool cover option, as wool holds 4 times its weight without feeling wet. Learn more about wool covers here. 

You can also use the Bamboo or Hemp Fitted Nappies as a Night Nappy for light to medium wetters. Simply add a PUL or Wool Cover over the top and you’re good to go. We do recommend adding a stay-dry liner to wick wetness away as the Fitted Nappies don’t have an inbuilt lining. 

I want 100% natural fabrics

If you want no polyester then there is only one combination to choose. 

Our Hemp Fitted Nappy and Wool Cover is the combination you need. Our Hemp Fitted has 55% Hemp, 45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton so there is 100% natural fabrics against the skin. Team this with a Wool Cover (day or night) OR a PUL Cover (these are polyester) and you have the most natural fabric nappy on the market. 

Hemp as a fabric is antibacterial, temperature regulating and the most sustainable fabric used in textiles. 

I need options for 3-10 year old

Don’t worry, we know these are hard to find, but we have a dedicated range to older kids. 

We cater for all sizes and needs in our Older Kids range. Whether you are looking for toilet training, pull ups, swim nappies or full nappies for special needs our range has got you covered. 

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