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Want 100% natural fibres against your babies delicate skin .. Our Hemp Fitted is the only, 100% natural option to consider.

Made from 55% Hemp, 45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton this ultra-absorbent nappy will become a staple in your daily change time routine. Contoured elastics in all the right places, plus customisable inserts and our custom-milled fabric are just three reasons why you need this in your stash! Ad a Wool Cover for the ultimate breathable, all natural nappy or a PUL Nappy Cover & you’re away!

The Hemp Fitted performs just as well as the Bamboo Fitted Nappy, however it is slightly quicker drying. To keep your Fitted Nappies soft, we recommend washing with SOFT 2-in-1 detergent.


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Hemp Fitted Nappy: 100% Natural Fibres

Nothing but high-fives in this 100% Hemp Fitted natural nappy! Same shape, same bomb proof fit as the Bamboo Fitted except with 100% natural fibres. Reusable Hemp Nappy all the way.

Why you’ll love the Hemp Fitted Nappy:


Nothing but Natural  – 55% Hemp/45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton – these all natural nappies will have your little one breezing through warm days. Hemp is grown without pesticides & is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet… meaning the environmental footprint in producing Hemp Fleece is one of the lowest on the planet. Want to do your bit for the planet, then try Hemp. Trust us, you’ll love it!


One-Size-Fits-Your-Bub – With a simply fold of the front of the nappy, this will take you from newborn to toilet training without a leak. Cross-over waist snaps and firm but gentle elastics around the legs and waist gives you a perfectly snug fit every time (super simple once you get the hang of it!)


Day or Night Suitable  – This Hemp Fitted Nappy is a total workhorse nappy for every day use, but it also makes a great night nappy in younger or lighter wetting babies. This is our go-to nappy for car trips, day sleeps & hot summer days. Nothing escapes these!


Ultra Thirsty – A little thinner than the , but just as absorbent there is up to 13 layers of thirsty hemp fleece which absorbs quickly in this Hemp Diaper. Fold the snake inserts and position in the ‘wet zone’ & you’re away!


Just Add Cover – These are the ultimate workhorse nappy, but they do need a waterproof layer to keep clothes & bedding dry. Simply add a Nappy Cover or Wool Cover & away you go.

Have a look at this video to check out the features & how to adjust the sizing (exactly the same as the Bamboo Fitted)


Product Specifications
Waist Closure: Snaps
Absorbency: Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece
Sizing: One-Size-Fits-Most (Fold Over Style)  
: Snap in, Long & Short Snake Style 3 layer hemp fleece inserts.  Max 13 layers.
Outer Fabric:
55% Hemp/ 45% Organic Cotton Fleece
Inner Fabric: 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton Fleece
Pocket: No
Laundry tabs: No
Nappy Cover Needed: Yes PUL or Wool

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12 reviews for Hemp Fitted

  1. Rainbo

    These have been my favourite nappies paired with both the BBH Velcro PUL cover, woollen and other brand covers. Super thirsty, fast drying, beautiful natural feeing and we got used to the crunchy-off-the-washline feel, they soften so quickly. We preferred these to the bamboo fitteds. They are now on the bottom of my nephew (also their favourites) and we will use them again for our next baby

  2. n.santoro

    I purchased 12 of these and swear by them. Their the perfect night nappy, and was the only nappy which didn’t give a rash. My boy was chemically sensitive to disposables and would wake in the night from ammonia/chemical burns to existing nappy rash. These nappies fixed that issue. 8 months in and I feel these were a good investment.

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