3 of the Best Night Nappy Hacks you have to read!

Night Nappy hacks .. You have got to read this! We sat down with Alice from Nappy Lane to talk night nappy hacks & how to get the most out of your award winning Night Nappies.


Night Nappy Hacks

We love Baby Beehinds night nappies in our house.

I will never get sick of looking at my one year old in his night nappy and wool cover, toddling around with his bulbous butt. Some of our BBH night nappies have been on the go for 5 years, and in that time I’ve used them in a few different ways.

I thought I’d share a few of my night nappy hacks with you.

Hack #1

Medium Night Nappy Hack

Using a Medium night nappy on a newborn

I coslept with baby #3 from early when he was quite small, and this meant that I didn’t want to be changing him overnight. Also – it was Winter! No-one enjoys changing a little squish in the cold, in the middle of the night.

My solution was to use my medium sized BBH night nappy WITHOUT the insert as a fitted nappy with a PUL cover. This reduced the size of the bulky night nappy on a small bubba, but it still has the lovely stay-dry fleece and plenty of absorbency. On the tightest level, I wasn’t able to get a super snug fit around the legs in the early days, but I used a PUL cover in the right size which gave a good fit around his legs. If small wool covers were available at the time I would have jumped on those.

This would be also a good option for any heavy-wetting newborns.


Hack #2

Large Night Nappy Hack

A night time pull-up for my big girl.

My eldest girl toilet trained during the day easily but took a really long time to toilet train overnight. As she got bigger our MCN’s wouldn’t fit, and training pants in the larger sizes wouldn’t cut it absorbency wise, even boosted.

She also started getting embarrassed about wearing a ‘nappy’. Especially as her friends and younger brother didn’t need one. This broke my heart a little.

My solution was to use the BBH night nappy in Large, without the inserts as a ‘pull-up’. This had more absorbency than training pants but was way less bulky.

For her, this was a more grown up option, as she could pull it on herself. The BBH large night nappy (without the snap-in insert), teamed with the large wool cover (that had plenty of stretch) was a great option for us. It gave my daughter independence but still meant that I wasn’t washing sheets every day.

A WIN for all!


Hack #3

Breastpad Hack

One more hack for the road, although this one isn’t about night nappies.

I am loving using my soft BBH bamboo breastpads as make-up remover pads now that I am finished with breastfeeding. I use water or a bit of coconut or olive oil, and they are lush!



Sweet, dry dream time to you!


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