Cloth Nappies with Twins: Yes, It’s totally possible!

What You Need To Know For Reusable Nappies with Twins.

Using Cloth Nappies with Twins is not as hard as you may think. After 15 years and lots of customers who have successfully used Baby BeeHinds we have complied a list of top questions & a summary of what you will need to cloth nappy like a boss!

How many nappies am I likely to need each day for twins?
We work on 8-10 nappies per baby per day for the first 3-4 months, then it reduces a little as they get older. So a minimum total number for twins would be 35 nappies in total (obviously the more you have the easier & less stressful it makes washing, but 35 One-size nappies is a good starting point. Ideally around 40-45 is a good number.


How many days worth of nappies do I really need to buy?

I don‚Äôt want to be washing every day, but want to keep my costs down and maybe reality is that there is always a load of washing on?¬†Yes the reality is, your washing machine will get a constant work out with twins ‚Äď between nappies & clothes & sheets & towels make sure you have a good washing machine with a quick cycle! We generally recommend washing nappies every second day (1 baby or twins)‚Ķ The beauty of twins is you will have enough¬†nappies for a full wash every second day. You can do it every third no problems, but you just need a few extra nappies to use while the washing is drying. ¬†


What are the pros and cons of sized nappies compared to multi-size?

Definitely¬†go the one-size style with twins‚Ķ. Value for $, the OSFM styles win hands down. The sized options are a trimmer fit (under 6 months) but as they grow you need to buy more sizes up is using sized nappies. 100% no question – one‚Äďsize styles are the way to go with twins so styles like the Fitted Nappies, Multifit or All-In-Two are the most popular. Actually the All-In-Two is fast becoming the nappy of choice for parents with twins, as its just to easy & can be used for nights too.¬†


Should I buy nappies now or wait until they are born?

We recommend buying now so you can get your pre-washing done as this makes them nice and absorbent when you start using them, and you can play around and practice changing the sizing/inserts before they arrive. Practice on a teddy is totally acceptable until you have a live one!….. If they are at a lower weight gain, to be honest most new mums with twins would recommend using eco-disposables for the first few weeks…. Both of our one-size styles will fit nicely from about 4kg + (around 6-8 weeks usually)  .. Disposables for the first few weeks is just one less thing to think about, and allows you the space to settle in with the twins, learn your routines (feed/sleep etc) .. Then when you’re ready & they are at the 3.5/4kg mark introduce your cloth nappies.


Regardless of whether you want to start full time or part time cloth nappy use, it honestly doesn’t matter. Even if you start with a few reusable nappies, you will feel so much better about sliding those cute little nappies on the bum, it wont be long until your a cloth mum all the way! So regardless of whether you start with a few reusables or jump in the whole way the important thing is just to start! If you want I would like to be commit then here is our recommendation for what you will need to be fully ready for cloth nappying twins.

18 Bamboo Fitted Nappies  (amazing for day/nights)
24 Multifits OR All-In-Two Nappies  (great for clothes/out & about/day/nights)
8 Small Nappy Covers (for over the Fitted nappies)
3-4 x Large Wetbags 
1 x Nappy Sprayer (squirter that attaches to toilet to squirt solids off)
1 x Bulk Roll Nappy Liners (for when out & about, poo removal easy)


Options extras would be Reusable Breast Pads (20+), Cloth Wipes, XL Wetbag for storing dirty nappies. You will also need to buy the larger size covers as bub grows, but the smalls will fit for ages & we have regular sales to take advantage of!

Twins are Expensive Aren’t They!
Yes those twins are expensive aren’t they so we can customise your perfect Twin Pack with a discount of at least 20%. If you’re not sure or would like a customised quote for your twins, then just send our Customer Service Team an email [email protected] & we will look after you!

If you have experience with twins or triplets in Cloth, then we would welcome your advice so please feel free to add your comment or advice and help our fellow parents out!




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