Thinking about Modern Cloth Nappies, but not sure where to start?

So you’re keen to try Modern Cloth Nappies, well here is the best guide on how to start out. A simple suggestion based on lots of feedback over the years! You can’t go wrong!

Easiest Style: All-In-One … Simply means that all the pieces of you need are built in the 1 piece. No hidden tricks needed. Simply open up the nappy, lay bub down & do up the Velcro OR Snaps around the waist (2 options with Baby BeeHinds) and you are done & ready to party!

Most Absorbent: Bamboo Fitted is our Award Winning Fitted Nappy. Imagine a super soft, cut to bubs shape & curves, with gorgeous elastic to hold everything in. The beauty of this style is it will last for a long time, is great for car trips, day or nights. Simply team with a PUL cover for a waterproof, poonami proof nappy. Deliciously soft & super absorbent. Fits from newborn all the way to toddler so also great value for money.

These two styles are always my go-to recommendations for starting out in cloth. On sale, it’s a great time to try these Award Winning Modern Cloth Nappies. If you enter the code work “firsttimer” in the comments section, we will also include a surprise in your order!

How Many Do I Need? 

If you are just starting out, then a great way to try is with a Trial Pack like our New Mums to Cloth Trial pack. You get one of each style of BBH nappy to see what you like. We recommend 12 to use cloth part time, or around 24 to use full time but firstly figure out what style suits you and your bub, then go from there. Start with 1 or 2, then build up from there.

Why do so many parents love Baby BeeHinds nappies? 

There are so many reasons we won plenty of awards at the 2016 Australian Nappy Association Awards … 1. We use double sided PUL so it¬†feels smooth to touch inside & out. 2. We use nice wide elastics to keep EVERYTHING contained 3. Our bamboo fleece is custom made for the ultimate absorbency. 4. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from. 4. We only use the best VELCRO brand & high-quality snaps. 5. Our nappies stand the test of time, with some nappies lasting over 4 – 5 babies worth of nappy changes. 6. We have all the accessories to match. 7. We know nappies¬†and know babies. Celebrating 13 years, we know what to do best when it comes to your bub.


So, what are you waiting for, jump in. Start with one modern cloth nappy or two & see how you go! What have you got to loose. Our planet will thank you too. Got a question, ask away!





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