Hemp Fabric .. It really is that good! Here is why ..

Ok so there is a lot of press about Hemp in the medical field at the moment for its obvious health benefits which we fully support but hemp is so useful in many other fields. We are huge fans of hemp fleece here, so we thought we would share some knowledge on what makes it a brilliant product for nappies. Hemp Fitted

Why is Hemp so sustainable as a plant? 

  • It can be grown in almost any conditions, with little chemicals, & actually replenishes the soil with nitrogen & nutrients
  • Its long roots help control soil erosion
  • Processing the hemp fibres for paper or cloth does not require chlorine to be used
  • Because hemp fibres are one of the strongest natural fibres, they can be re-used & recycled over & over .. Eco living tick!
  • Hemp material does not contain any residual chemicals from the manufacturing process – awesome for sensitive babies skin!
  • Hemp materials contains almost zero TCH unlike Marijuana, so no chance of getting loose!

Why we love Hemp in cloth nappies 

  • It is 100% natural fibres (55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton) so if you want natural fibres against your babies skin, then the Hemp Fitted is the way to go. More breathable. All natural. Much cooler.
  • It is MUCH stronger than bamboo, so is the perfect material for babies with acidic wee. Whilst acidic wee can damage bamboo fleece, hemp is almost immune to the nasty effects of acidic wee. This means you Hemp nappies may last longer than a bamboo version if your hub has acidic wee!
  • It is slightly faster drying than Bamboo, but holds the same amount of wetness.
  • Hemp has antibacterial & anti fungal qualities (like bamboo)

Tips for using Hemp Nappies 

  • It can feel a little ‘crunchy’ if line dried in the sun, however the best analogy is the material is like a pair of freshly dried denim jeans.. Body warmth & movement will soften them up very quickly so that warm, wriggly baby will make them soft in no time at all!
  • You can also pop them in the dryer on LOW for 10 minutes to soften them up!
  • Our Hemp Fitted nappies are OSFM, so you can use them from newborn to toddler – simply adjust the sizing as baby grows, so they are great value for money!
  • They make an excellent night nappy for medium wetters. Because they are so absorbent, they can last 12 hours, especially if teamed with a wool cover!
  • You can add a micro fleece layer to go against bubs skin if needed, but they are perfectly fine with all natural fibres against the skin.
  • Team a hemp fitted with a PUL or Wool cover for a leak proof nappy combination!
  • Yes the Bamboo & Hemp Fitted nappies look similar – the Hemp has yellow snaps & the Bamboo has cream snaps! But you can of course mix & match if you like!

If you haven’t tried Hemp, give it a go especially over winter! So many reasons to get your groove on & try Hemp!


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