Natures Child Balms .. The magical solution!

Did you know NOT to use zinc or petroleum based nappy rash creams if using cloth nappies? Why you ask? Because the chemicals they use leave an invisible   coating on your nappies, meaning the wee can’t pass through into the boosters making things rather uncomfortable for your baby & leaving you with a leaking situation!

So what are the solutions instead of zinc based creams? Totally natural of course! Our favourite cream to prevent & cure nappy rash is hands down Natures Child Bottom Balm. We love this 100% Organic Balm because it uses a divine beeswax base, plus is full of organic certified goodies like almond oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, olive oil, sunflower oil & chamomile. It reduces redness quickly, calms sensitive areas & nourishes the skin. Suitable for newborns & beyond, this is our go to solution for calming nappy rash! There is a reason it has won Gold medals!

Sometimes its inevitable to have to use a zinc based cream or fungal cream for severe rashes, so if need be, make sure you use a flushable liner doubled up OR micro fleece liner (cheap material from craft shops cut to size) to prevent the creams touching your nappies & healing bub at the same time.


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  1. Alison

    1) So does this mean you can use the natures child bottom balm or wonder balm without the liners?

    2) Also what is the difference between the bottom balm and wonder balm uses do i need both?

    3) Should I be using bottom balm every nappy change or only when we have a rash?

    I have my original magic AIO form 2 years ago just preparing for bub no2.

    • admin

      HI Alison, Yes both Natures Child can be used without liners. Plant based balms will wash out easiest with a warm wash & good mainstream detergents. Id recommend bottom balm for bottoms, and the wonder balm for everything else so you don’t contaminate bottoms with other parts! I used my balms as a preventative tool every nappy change, a little goes a long way when you arm it up in your hands. And when hub gets a rash, a good slather of balm, nappy free time always does wonders. But if its a rash that doesnt go away, always get head to the GP for a professional opinion.

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