Hospital Bag: Top 16 Essentials and Mum Hacks you will love

Pack your Hospital Bag: The Essentials plus the genius hacks you need to know.

Packing your hospital bag ready for baby can be totally overwhelming, especially for your first baby so we asked you (our legendary customers) what you needed, used or wish you had packed. So here is our list of Hospital Bag essentials and keep reading until you get to the genius hacks that might just change your whole hospital stay! 

Hospital Bag Essentials

Ok so these are the most common hospital bag essentials and the items that are needed and used the most. 

1. Personal Insulated Drink Bottle with a straw. The straw makes all the difference trust us! When your in the depths of labour and you can’t move an inch further, the water must get to your lips any way possible and lets face it … an icy cold slurp through a straw in your own drink bottle is much better than the alternative! Some of our favs are Frank Green or Klean Kanteen. We think the 1000ml is about the perfect size. 

2. Zip Onsies & Swaddle Bags.  Yes zips make everything so much easier in the newborn bubble. Invest in some good quality onsies and zip up swaddle bags saving you with fiddles buttons or commando wrapping a crying baby. Boody & Pure baby would be some of our favourites. 

3. Wetbags, Wetbags, Wetbags.  We’ve got you on this one Mumma. Seriously never underestimate the connivence of a wet/dry/smellproff bag when in the middle of the night your changing the third soiled outfit of the night. Simply stuff said poopey gear into the wetbag, and hubby can take home the next day without a smell or leak in sight.  Our Large Wetbag is perfect for hospital stays (and swimming lessons, car life, on the go nappy changes etc) 

4. Comfy Slippers & Robe.  The robe makes feeding so much easier to feed bub, and 100% go the slide on fluffy slippers. You dont want a robe that is too heavy or fluffy, so our go-to is the Bamboo/Organic Cotton Waffle Robe by Ettitude, go on treat yourself to a little luxury for hospital. 

5. The actual Hospital Bag? Honestly the best bag for this, we think is the B Clean Co Nappy Caddy. Load this up with everything for baby and pop your gear into a small suitcase or overnight bag and you’re good to go. 


Genius Hospital Bag extras that will change everything!

nappy caddy

Take your Hospital stay next level with these genius hospital bag inclusions. 

6. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Take both sweet or savoury as you never know what those taste bubs will feel like! 

7. Adult Diapers or Reusable Menstrual Pads to cool your lady bits. Reusable Pads can be added to the freezer to cool, then pop into your underwear to relieve post partum aches. 

8. Cordless Mini Fan (genius) 

9. Portable speaker or good quality earphones to escape the hospital noises. Plus don’t forget to load up your spotify account with a few playlists ready for action. 

10. Your favourite body soap, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner.  You would be surprised how many people forget these and hospital grade stuff dries your skin out, so pop in your own. 

11. A mix of loose fitting and compression garments. 

12. Different type of juices. 
Pre make your own healthy juices and store in baby puree pouches for that quick shot of energy when you need it during labour. 

13. Hair ties or scrunchies. Nothing worse than wet, sticky hair in your face while you’re giving birth. 

14. Battery Fairy Lights. Those bright hospital lights can get really annoying after a while, so turn them off and add a soft glow to your room with fairy lights. Mind blown right!

15. Super Long Phone Charger cable.  Game changer. 

16. Petrol in the car (we love this one) because you will send your partner home for everything else you forgot! 

So we hope you love our top tips on what to pack in your hospital bag! Add your own comment with your baby bag essentials.

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