The Most Breathable Cloth Nappy for Summer

Hot days are coming and a question we get asked all the time is 'what is the best nappy for summer' so here is a personal account of what works best for those hot summer days.

Natural Fabrics are the way to go

“Breathable” fabric is essentially the ability to transfer moisture through the material or essentially the ability to wick moisture away from the skin. 

That is why you will see plenty of brands using bamboo/cotton blends for inserts (including us) but if you want to take your little beehinds to the next level, then the concept of a whole nappy being breathable, not just the inserts is the way to go. Most styles of cloth nappies utilise a stay dry layer that goes against the skin – yes this wicks moisture away form the skin but it is a polyester. 

So ready to up your cool-beehinds for summer (or all year round for that matter), then a Fitted Nappy is the way to go. Our personal favourite was the Hemp Fitted Nappy (check out our Miss Isla in the pic) because it was 100% natural – nothing but Hemp & Organic Cotton against the skin. So Id love to share on what we loved our Fitted Nappies in our nappy journey. 


fitted cloth nappy on toddler
Older Hemp Nappy with rainbow stitching

Why we loved the Fitted Nappy.

New style Hemp Fitted Nappy (all white stitching)

Firstly both the Hemp and Bamboo are ultra absorbent. Unlike pocket or all in two styles, where only the inserts are absorbent, in a Fitted nappy the whole nappy is absorbent so you typically get 2-3 times more absorbency than a normal style reusable nappy. 

Both the Bamboo and Hemp Fitted Nappy do need either a PUL or Wool Cover over the top to keep clothes and bedding dry BUT (and this is our fav part) … on those hot summer days at home. we simply put Isla into her Fitted Nappy with no cover, and this seriously makes the most breathable little bum going around. If the nappy is fitted correctly with no leg gaps, then you simply change it when the outside of the nappy gets damp. There is nothing cuter than a white fluffy nappy, shuffling around the house with nothing else on a hot summers day. 

When it comes to day time sleep, just pop your cover over the top to keep clothes dry and you’re good to go. 

Whats the difference between Hemp V Bamboo Fitted?

bamboo nappy baby
Fitted nappy on smallest setting with front folded over.

Hemp Fitted is 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton 
Bamboo Fitted 60% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton/ 10% Polyester
so the Hemp is 100% natural fabrics, and Bamboo has 10% polyester which increases the drying time. 

– Hemp dries quicker than bamboo. 
– Bamboo is slightly more absorbent than Hemp. 
– Bamboo stays softer than Hemp. 
– Hemp is stronger against acidic wee and fabric degradation over time.
–  They are both sized and adjusted the exact same way and there is no difference in fit/size. 
– Both have a fold over rise, meaning to make them smaller you fold the front of the nappy forward (see pic) and wrap the wings around. 
– Both nappies include 1 long, 1 short snake insert in the matching material. 
– Both are one-size and will fit bubs from 3kg – 16/18kg depending on the shape of your baby. 

A Fitted Nappy really is a game changer. They can be used for night time on a light to medium wetting baby and they last a life time. Usually after about 5-6 years of use, the elastics might need replacing but the fabrics themselves will keep going and going and going making them a great investment. The OG of Fitted Nappies. Our personal favourite. Give them a go, and you wont regret it! 

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