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Do you find you’re always waiting for your inserts to dry OR you love the idea of snapping a fresh insert into a All-In-Two nappy on the go? Well this Mighty Booster will do both and will certainly make your life a little less stressful come change time. You will always know you have the extra inserts you need when that crazy time of day comes.

Featuring 3 layers our bamboo fleece, topped with a buttery soft suede cloth to wick moisture away from the skin, these are a really versatile booster to have day or night. This insert will snap into place in the Night Nappy, All in Two and NEW Reusable Pull Ups so its a really great versatile option for your Baby BeeHinds Cloth Nappies.

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This ultra-absorbent insert can be used in either the Magicall All-In-Two Nappy OR in our Night Nappies.  They Snap-In to both nappy styles, and can be folded to suit the wet-zones where you need it. Middle for girls, front for boys so you can get up to 9+ layers in the wet-zone.

  • 3 layers of our super thirsty bamboo fleece
  • Top layer of buttery soft suede cloth to wick moisture away and keep that little bottom feeling dryer for longer
  • Measures 70cm in length

To use: Simply snap or lay the insert into the nappy, then fold the longer tails back and position in the wet zones.

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6 reviews for Mighty Booster

  1. E


    These inserts are super soft! They are a little bulky and long however, so didn’t quite fit in our little ones nappy. We use them with our Night Nappies and they are just as good as the night time inserts, and we love that they snap in easily. We plan on using them in day time nappies once baby is a bit bigger.

  2. CC

    Caitlyn Callaghan (Verified Customer)

    Great to use with the AI2s! It’s so easy to just swap over inserts on the go and it’s simple to just snap a new one in.

  3. S

    Sami (Verified Customer)

    You should get extra inserts if you’re planning to go with the AI2s! In the later months, as baby grows into the nappies, sometimes I just need to change the insert, and keep the shell. It means I don’t have to keep using the shells up quickly!

  4. RF

    Ruth Faragher (Verified Customer)

    I bought extra mighty booster inserts because the shells might still be clean to use and just the insert needs changing. They work really well, very absorbent.

  5. TW

    Tayla W. (Verified Customer)

    Very handy having some extra mighty boosters for my all in 2 nappies! So absorbent, I love them

  6. JE

    Jamie Errico (Verified Customer)

    These are super thirsty boosters. We started using ours in the Night nappy instead of the Night Nappy insert and found it was just as absorbent but less bulkier. About to try the new all in two nappy that these also come with so fingers crossed.

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