Summer Time Cloth Nappy Tips

Cloth Nappies in summer couldn’t be easier, but there are a few key things to remember to keep your nappies in tip top condition! So here are our meat summer tips!


1. Coolest option by far is a Fitted nappy (no cover)! All natural materials of our Bamboo or Hemp Fitted nappies give your bub maximum breathability on those hot days. No cover needed (unless you need clothes on when your heading out!) During nap time, simply lay down a change mat or a couple of towels in the cot incase the fitted reaches max absorbency during the sleep (pretty rare that happens). Super cool. Super easy.


2. Wash your nappies in the evening & hang out to dry outside overnight. Warm night time temperatures will still dry your nappies quickly. Bring them inside before 9am to avoid the super hot summer UV rays. Direct, hot sunlight can damage elastics & PUL fabrics if they are left out too long, so finish drying your nappies inside.


3. In hot humid areas, try drying your nappies under a fan to help the drying time.


4. Avoid Mould! Remove the lid off your nappy bucket (safely on a bench, away from hands reach) or better yet, use a new XL Hanging Wetbag to store your dirty nappies. These are super easy & hold up to 2 days worth of nappies. The PUL fabric keeps smells & dampness inside, but still lets air circulate to avoid mould building up on hot days. With snap handles, you can change from 1 to 2 handles & easily hang on a change table, door or hook. Simply wash your wet bag inside out, when washing your nappies. Brilliant!


5.  Remember there is nothing cuter than a divine cloth nappy (BBH of course!) running around on a hot summers day. Nothing else needed!


Enjoy your summer days!



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