Baby BeeHinds …. War on Waste at HQ & some tips for you!

Ok, so the series #waronwaste was fantastic & hopefully a real eye opener for a lot of people although how amazing would it have been to see a discussion on disposable nappies & the damage they are doing! Although we are very eco-concious at home it made me re-evaluate what we are doing at home & in our business. Reducing waste has always been a big focus of our brand not only the nature of our re-usable products for mum & baby, but also how we manage our stock, orders, warehousing. So I thought I’d let you know exactly what we do at BBH HQ to help the #waronwaste.

  • ZERO product packaging .. Since day 1 of Baby BeeHinds, we don’t want a whole pile of plastic or cardboard thrown in the bin after you get your new fluffy nappies so we have zero packaging on all our products. What is the point of being an ‘Eco” brand if you packaging your product in plastic!
  • Recycle all cardboard boxes (including the occasional wine box!) from suppliers & our home to package your orders
  • Opt in for Product Info booklets – if you already have one, then you don’t need another to get thrown in the bin!
  • Any soft plastic bags that our stock arrives in from the factory (inside the large boxes) are taken to the Coles RedCycle bin
  • The soft bamboo ties, that the Fitted nappies are bunched together with are used in our Veggie patch to secure plants to stakes or to secure the climbing plants to.
  • Any faulty product is sent to Nappies on A Mission, to be repaired by local mums, then passed onto families & kids in need in East Timor (yes your old or broken nappies can continue their life!)

When it comes time that your baby doesn’t need nappies – you can donate them to Nappies on a Mission or talk to your local charity to see if they work closely with any disadvantaged local community groups for young mums. There are some fabulous community based programs to help young mums or families in financial need of some help & functioning nappies are perfect for them!

The bamboo inserts from your nappies make the best house hold rags! From car cleaning & polishing for hubby, to silver polishing clothes, to cleaning or dusting clothes! They will live on happily for years away from little bums so re-use them for a different purpose & keep loving them!

Wetbags just aren’t for nappies! They make brilliant waterproof swimming bags, library bags, shopping bags, dirty clothes bags for the kids room, storage bags for the car, car trip bags, day care bags .. The list keeps on going! Every mum should have some of these awesome bags!

We would love to hear about your own #waronwaste & what you are doing, what works for you!




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