The scoop on poop .. Top 5 Tips.

The reality of babies is we have to deal with poo. In all its lovely shades, consistencies, smells & explosions. Mind you if you have chosen to use cloth nappies, then explosions are very rare thank heavens. So its a reality of parent hood you can’t escape. Yes, if you are choosing cloth you have to ‘deal’ with #2 in a slightly different way to than disposables where you simply roll up the sposie (poo included) then put in your rubbish, which then goes to landfill (& stays there for 400+ years… Ewww). The beauty of washable options asides from limiting your contribution to landfill is there are a range of options to help make the poo removal so much easier than you think. Here are our tip 5 tips on managing the poop process when using cloth nappies.

#1. Invest in Nappy Liners
You can choose something like BBH Nappy Liners  which are made of either 100% Viscose (plant pulp) OR go reusable liners from the soft microfleece you can use again and again. They are designed to catch the solids, then you simply remove the nappy liner & pop the poopy liner in the loo & flush away (not all liners are flushable & we advise to only flush the poopy ones & bin the wet ones) OR if using the reusable liners, the poo just rolls into the loo then wash them with your nappies.

#2. Nappy Sprayer
High powered pressure hose like you can attach which attaches to your toilet (google search for some good DIY options>  Simply take your dirty nappy, hold in the toilet & spray the poop off. These are awesome as they also remove any excess urine so your nappies get a better wash! These are the best sprayers & also great for toilet training to use as a bidet on those nasty poos which get stuck to the bum when toilet training!

#3. Trusty old, dedicated kitchen scraper (i.e. A spatula, a egg flipper for example)
Add a hook to the side of your toilet & hang it next to the loo for quick & easy access. Super cheap, works well.

#4. Have a pair of “toilet tongs”
near your washing machine to assist removing the inserts from the pocket.
If you’re a bit icky getting poo in places where it shouldn’t be, then this is a good trick. Just keep out of reach from the little ones! Our inserts will generally find their way out of the nappy pocket during the washing cycle so this isn’t essential.

#5. Shake It, Shake It ..
When bub is fully on solids you might be lucky enough to get away with the “Shake & Roll” where a little shake into the loo & it just rolls off. Sometimes. If you’re lucky.


So the quicker you remove the poops, the cleaner your nappies will be & you will have less stains. Teamed with a great wash routine stains & smells shouldn’t be an issue. But if you do find you have stains, then you can use a stain spray, stain soap or make a paste out of  B Clean Co BABY with hot water, add to the stains & leave overnight, then wash in 60 degree water with another scoop of BABY detergent.  We are always happy to help tweak your wash routine so as always get in touch with HQ with any questions. Time for a change!


BBH xx





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