Cloth Nappies in Childcare Ten Tips for Success

Cloth Nappies in Childcare: Game Changing Tips for Success

Cloth Nappies in childcare is certainly becoming more mainstream as the popularity of reusable nappies grows. Surprisingly a lot of childcare centres are totally on-board with reusable nappies now, in fact we have 4 major child childcare centres around Australia who provide 100% reusable nappy solutions for their children. Yes seriously, there are some game changing, eco-conscious centres out there but there are also many providers who are more than happy to use cloth nappies in childcare. With a bit of guidance from you, it’s totally workable.

Whether you are using a childcare centre, family day care or grandparents – some carers can be overwhelmed with cloth nappies BUT it can be overcome with a little of your expert advise & guidance. So we have complied our list of tips to help your cloth nappy journey into the childcare world.

cloth nappy on toddler in childcare centre
You will be smiling like Emily too, when your childcare providers are on board with reusable nappies

Before Your Child Starts

Once you have decided on your childcare arrangements (or before), these are some great questions to ask. It’s really important to have a conversation with your childcare facility before your child starts with them to help you, and them prepare for the practicality of cloth nappies.

  • Does your centre have any experience in Cloth Nappies?
    This will really give you a great gauge as to their attitude to reusable nappies and how detailed you need to be.
  • Where will they put the fresh nappies? Do they need to be labelled with your child name?
    Usually a large wetbag with fresh nappies does the job perfectly which stores 6-8 nappies.
    You can purchase snap-on name tags for cloth nappies, otherwise some masking tape does the job too.

  • How many nappies do you need to provide each day?
    Remember most centres policy is for a nappy change every 2 hours so ensure you have enough fresh nappies each day depending on the length of time they are in care.

  • Where will they put your child’s soiled nappies?
    A large wetbag might be a good option, otherwise some centres require a bucket with a lid that you collect and take home daily. Don’t expect them to rinse your nappies (some centres will)

Top 10 Tips for Cloth Nappies in Childcare

This extensive list of tips has been complied from our customers, childcare educators and our own 16 years of experience so hopefully this will give you the confidence to ask your childcare providers to support your choose to use cloth nappies.

  1. Provide a step-by-step photo guide on how to fit your chosen style of nappies, highlighting the important fit aspects such as even front/back waist, position elastics on the undie line (not down the thigh)
  2. Choose the simplest style of cloth nappy & stick to one style only
    The All in One is hands-down the most popular nappy choice for childcare. Literally as easy as a disposable.
  3. Pack Spare Clothes – Leaks will happen (even in disposables)
  4. Let your educators know if you are using Cloth Nappies Part-Time or Full Time, so they know whether disposables are ok too.
  5. Let your educators know if your child is a super-soaker and need to be changed more frequently
  6. As your baby grows and their shape changes, if you notice your adjusting the nappy differently then keep your educators updated on any changes
  7. Have a decent size wetbag – one for fresh clean nappies, and one for soiled. Make sure these are clearly marked with ‘Clean Nappies” and “Soiled Nappies” and with your child’s name. Or a bucket with a lid, if thats what your centre prefers.
  8. Have your nappies pre-stuffed & ready to go. If using Nappy Liners (highly recommended) have the nappies stuffed, set on the correct rise setting & have the liners already inside. This makes it EASY for your educators!
  9. Spend some time in the centre, showing the educators how to correctly change a cloth nappy.
  10. Make sure your nappies are at maximum absorbency & you have tested them out at home to see if you need to add an addition booster.

    You can also find more resources on Cloth Nappies in Childcare through the Free Booklet available from the Australian Nappy Association >>> Click HERE
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