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Cloth Nappy Hacks for Challenging Times

With a few tweaks and improvisation here are our best tips & tricks for saving & keeping your sanity.

After 16 years in the Reusable Nappy market, we have learnt a thing or two about making the most of what you have and how you can improvise at home so here are our best Modern Cloth Nappy Hacks for challenging times.

Upcycle with What You Have for Extra Absorbency
You can add extra absorbency with anything made from natural fibres. Tea towels (clean & sanitised), face washers, an old cotton shirt, a muslin flat can all be folded into the right size & added to your current nappies for extra absorbency.

Switch from Disposable Wipes to Washable Wipes
The cost of disposable supermarket wipes does add up, so switching to washable wipes is a great cloth nappy hack & simple to integrate into your washing routine. Grab some of our super soft Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes or some from Kmart & colour code their uses. ie Moonstone for bums, Ice Blue for Bath Time, Coral for Kitchen and you have a no-fail approach.

The other alternative is to use Nappy Liners & buy in bulk. Our Bulk Rolls of 500 can double as Nappy Liners (for easy poo removal) and wet wipes! If you grab one, dunk in some water you have a wet wipe ready to go and at at about 11c per wipe they are hard to beat! Pop them in the bin once you’re done!

Buy A Style That Suits Day & Nights
The more absorption you have the better, Turning your day nappies into night nappies can be done if you have enough room & the right boosters. If you’re wanting something that will take you from day to night, then something like the No 1. Bamboo Fitted + PUL Nappy Covers (some are 50% off) is a great combination for bubs under 12 months. Add a home-made micro-fleece liner for nights so bub feels dry & your away. If you find you need a little more absorbency then add a booster of any description to the outside of the nappy between the cover, or just change bub at each feed during the night.

Buy in Bulk to Save
Cutting costs where you can, without compromising the quality of your nappies is the way to go. You will find 10-20% off in Trial Packs & Bulk Packs which when it all adds up is a big saving and no emergency trips to the supermarket ever again!

So whether you are just starting out or are a pro at Cloth Nappies, there are some really easy changes you can make to reduce your costs on nappies & at the same time help the planet.

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