New nappies arrived … Now what? How to prep your nappies before use.

Not all fabrics & materials used in cloth nappies are created equal. Synthetic materials like microfibre & PUL simply require one wash to remove any residue from manufacturing, however natural fibres like bamboo, cotton & hemp need prepping prior to using to remove natural oils, fluff up the fibres of the material which increases absorbency. If you are super excited & want to start using your bamboo nappies after 1 wash, they chances are you will get leaks because the bamboo isnt ready to absorb, so prepping your nappies is really important before you jump into using them.


SO WHAT NAPPIES/INSERTS NEED PREPPING  .. Anything that contains bamboo, hemp or organic cotton. So in our BBH range that includes the following: Night Nappy, Bamboo & Hemp Fitted, NEW All-In-One, All-In-Two (insert only), Multifit (inserts only), XXL (inserts only), Training Pants & any bamboo inserts like the Magic-All Inserts or Bamboo Fold Up.

The outer waterproof shells of the All-In-Two, Multifit, PUL Covers, XXL simply need one wash to remove any residue, then they are good to use. So it’s just the absorbent parts that need prepping which is very easy.



Method 1. ¬†Place all your nappies/inserts into plain cold water & soak overnight. This soaking quickens the process slightly and is the only time we recommend soaking your nappies. Then place your nappies/inserts into the machine & run through a ‘normal’ ie hour long cycle using your MCN friendly detergent in the first cycle. Repeat wash cycle 2-3 times. Dry nappies & then get them on that lovely babies bum!


Method 2.¬†(The most effective method) … Place your new nappies/inserts straight into the washing machine & run a normal wash cycle (ie hour long). Use MCN friendly detergent in the first cycle. Repeat wash cycle (no detergent) another 4-5 times. No need to dry between wash cycles. Dry nappies & get those nappies on those bottoms!



** You can also add in baby clothes, tea towels, clothes etc into the prepping cycles, and totally fine to use detergents in each cycle if you are doing this. Just make sure its MCN friendly detergent!

** Just remember your bamboo/hemp inserts will reach their peak absorbency after 8-10 washes in ¬†total, so if you get any leaks the first few times, don’t despair simply wait another few wears/washes and that should fix the problem! If not call BBH HQ for some advice on leaking.

** Do not wash in water over 60 degrees (EVER!). Cold water is perfect for prepping nappies.


Ready for action!

Ready for action!




Poo removal .. What are your options with cloth nappies?
Want the best for your baby?

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  1. Tara O’Donnell

    Do you need to prep swim nappies?

    • AZSXDC@123

      No need to prep them as there nothing absorbent in them. Just a quick machine wash before the first use and your good to go!

  2. Marilee

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imopssible.

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