The Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wet Wipes

Babies Make Mess. Lot’s of It.

The Facts about Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes have been a parenting life saver for years. Messy hands, feet, nappies, cleaning things you never thought needed to be cleaned, make-up accidents and so much more. Incorrect labelling and companies promoting these as “flushable” has seen a huge rise in the number of fatbergs created in our sewerage system causing huge blockages for councils.

Luckily now, the majority of wet wipe manufacturers are doing the right thing and clearly stating they are not flushable. So if you’re using Wet Wipes make sure you flush! Some of our favourite eco-friendly brands are Joonya & Wotnot BUT there is an even more eco-friendly option which is super easy & so much better for the planet. Reusable Cloth Wipes.

How Do Reusable Cloth Wipes Work

Quite simple. Just add water. Wipe. Wash & Wipe again. There is plenty of options out there on the market, but nothing as soft our as Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes, made with a grippy cotton terry fabric one side, and a buttery soft cotton velour the other which is the best for soothing red raw bottoms!

If you’re using Cloth Nappies, then it’s seamless to integrate Cloth Wipes into your baby change routine at home. We find one of the easiest ways is a quick spray of water from a spray bottle at your change table. Before you take off that dirty nappy, give your cotton wipes a quick spray of water (or a quick rinse under the sink is just as easy). The beauty of cloth wipes is they really do cover and remove a lot of mess. You might use 6-7 wet wipes for a serious poonami, whereas half the amount of cloth wipes does the trick.

What about while you’re out & about with Cloth Wipes? Simply pre-wet your wipes before you leave the house & pop them into a mini-wetbag for the day. They will stay moist until you need them without leaking. Don’t forget something like a Double Pocket Wetbag too to pop those nappies & wipes in & deal with them when you get home.

What about Essential Oils

If you love a beautiful scneted little bum then yes you can absolutely integrate essential oils into your Cloth Wipes, however it needs to be done safely & cautiously (stay tuned for our next blog post on this topic!)

We actually recommend just using water with our cloth wipes for an effective clean, and rash free bottom!

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