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Guide for Nappy Style, FAQs, Washing & more

This is your virtual Advice Guide on everything Baby BeeHinds & thanks for joining our amazing world of reusable, modern cloth nappies. Simply click on the subject or nappy style. If you have a Trial Pack then simply click on each Nappy Style in your pack for more information. Instead of wasting packaging with instructions, we love this virtual guide and are constantly adding to it.

Start “Prepping Nappies Before Using” before using section before getting them on the bum. You have chosen a range which is super simple to use, grab a teddy bear and praise with hubby together before bub arrives. Any questions please contact our amazing customer service team.

Before You Start

Nappy Advice, Tips & Tricks

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Bamboo & Hemp Fitted
Night Nappy
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Breast Pads & Eco Pads
Nappy Liners

Washing Recommendations

Washing your Reusable Modern Cloth Nappies is simple. After 16 years of washing nappies & consulting the industry experts in clean cloth nappies our washing advice works. Start with our basic guide initially & if you want to delve deeper have a look at the Advanced Washing Advice Page.

Basic Washing Guide
Advanced Washing Advice
Stains & Smells
Detergent List
Caring for Wool Covers

Troubleshooting & Advice

Mastering Modern Cloth Nappies isn’t hard, it just takes a little practice & tweaking sometimes. If you get stuck these are our most common questions, however feel free to contact us with any type of question.

Trouble Shooting FAQ