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Sweet Dreams & Dry Nights are just around the corner with this Night Nappy Trial Pack. Our ultra thirsty (Award Winning) Night Nappy and our Bamboo Fitted Nappy (perfect for day or nights) along with our waterproof PUL Cover and Wool Cover gives you the perfect combination to find your winning night nappy combination.

4 perfectly curated, interchangeable products which gives you 4 different combinations to try to find the perfect night nappy solution. You’re in safe hands with our Award Winning range & a nice little 20% discount too!

Combinations with this Night Nappy Trial Pack 
Bamboo Fitted Nappy + Wool Cover (Night Time)
Bamboo Fitted Nappy + PUL Cover (Day or Night time for light/medium wetters)
Night Nappy + PUL Cover (Night Time)
Night Nappy + Wool Cover (The Ultimate Dry Night Solution for heavy wetters)


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Take the Jump into Night Nappies, with the Perfect Night Nappy Combo.

Ready to make the jump into Reusable Nappies at Night. Rest assured our perfectly selected Night Nappy Trial Pack is the perfect place to start.

Why You’ll Love It:


The Perfect Combo – With two nappy styles & two cover options, this combo gives you 4 different ways to figure out the best solution for your bub. All interchangeable and can be used day or night.

Night Nappy Experts – We have been making the ultimate night products for over 15 years. We know how important sleep is (I hear you mumma!) & that means you want a night nappy pack that will do the job. Every. Single. Night.

Amazing Reviews – It is rare to find a baby that out-wets our Night Nappy  Loved all over the world, these nappies sell out quickly! With numerous awards, your bub will love it.

Fluffy Goodness – These two nappies are by far the softest things that will ever grace your babies bottom! The Night Nappy is soft as a cloud & even the wool cover is super soft.


Trial Pack Includes

1 x Night Nappy inc 1 insert 
1 x Wool Cover  (select size) 
1 x Bamboo Fitted inc 2 inserts 
1 x Nappy Cover (select size)  

20% Discount when buying this Trial PacK. 

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21 reviews for Night Nappy Trial Pack

  1. E


    The best, only night nappy that works!

  2. L


    OMG game changer this nappy!

  3. HT

    Henry Trewren

    The nappies are high quality and we keep using them for our third child. Some nights require the nappy to be changed again but generally they have done the job.

    A long wash at 60 degrees celsius seems to clean these quite well.

  4. DW

    Dayna White

    I use a wool cover over a disposable nappy at night (we only use cloth during the day). The wool cover has saved us on many occasions. Love that they don’t have to be washed frequently. They fit well and are lovely and soft.

  5. HC

    Hannah Cooke

    I found this a great option to trial what worked for us and our baby. We then stocked up on the ones that worked.

  6. HC

    Hannah Cooke

    I’ve had my wool covers with two babies now and they are perfect. They give me the added assurance of no leaking with some of my older nappies and provide great coverage when paired with the night nappies.

  7. NS


    Beautiful and soft. It’s absorbing and does a whole night with my heavy wetter (with a wool cover). The side buttons are a bit tricky to master and so I do use the hemp fitted and bamboo fitted more. But tend to put him in this if I need a fool proof plan.

  8. T


    Love the fabric, super stretchy and soft, easy to care for – the sizing just isn’t accurate for us. My 14kg boy only just fits in the XL, and the waistband didn’t seem to recover much after first wear so I’m not sure how long they’ll last us unfortunately.

  9. E


    Easy and bomb proof! I’ve been using these for the past 10 months and am yet to have a leak. Works well with a PUL sized up as a cover, but definitely a favourite with a wool cover, and less fuss than trying to boost the day nappies.

  10. E


    Great night nappy. Its the only one I use.

  11. E


    I originally bought these for my son but they didn’t work so well for him because there was too much pressure on his skin from the bulky insert once it was wet and caused inflammation (an issue he had with every reusable night nappy once he was a toddler and wet heavily overnight, plus started sleeping on his tummy) but no leaks, and they worked well on my 2 daughters. Also I used them as a shell for my son with compostable nappy pad inserts which was the only compromise solution I could find for him that kept him dry enough to avoid irritation on his sensitive skin.

  12. NH

    Nerida Hopkins-Arnold

    I didn’t use wool covers with my big kids years ago but decided to give them a go with surprise baby. Very glad I did. Lanolising was much easier than Idanticipated

  13. D


    Love these cover! They can be used overnight with a night nappy or during the day over the bamboo or hemp nappies. Even great over terry flats. They are a little more work due to the need to lanolise, but we’ll worth the extra work.

  14. D


    Fantastic for overnight use. Best used with the wool cover. They are bulky however never bothers bub.

  15. AM

    Alicia McQueen

    Hands down the best night nappy available!! I have been using cloth for four years now and during that time I have tried various night nappy combinations before settling on the BBH night nappies. These babies last my tiny humans an easy 12 hours over night.

  16. K


    These night nappies last all night. Our two year old daughter sleeps 12 hours overnight and these last the whole night! No leaks. We have now started using the medium ones on our 12 week old son and they also don’t leak, now I just need him to sleep the whole night. Great overnight solution. They do take a long time to dry but I guess that is what makes them so absorbent. I’m glad we have hydronic heating, this speeds up drying time when I leave them over the heater.

  17. L


    Good for trying out different night options. We love the wool covers the most!

  18. A


    While this is the best night nappy that I’ve tried I have reverted to using disposables over night as my bubba seems to be able to wet through anything else. I haven’t tried using the wool cover too which is recommended so I would recommend getting them too if you want dry nights.

  19. CF

    Chloe F

    So soft, fits so well. Baby looks comfortable and woke up happy.

  20. F


    I have tried a few night nappies and these are by far my favourite. I would have liked a OSFM option but I can actually get a better fit with them being sized given the amount of bulk required to be absorbent night nappies. They are much easier to fit on my petite bub. Absorbency is fantastic, easily customisable with the insert, making these my most reliable night nappy. I use them with a one size larger PUL cover.

  21. C


    All round great night nappy. I love how the entire nappy is super soft and absorbent and has plenty of room to boost with extra inserts. I initially bought some second hand and have loved them and will definitely be getting more!

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